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Chronicles of Tera opinions

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Level 4
Jun 19, 2007
The races of warcraft are at peace; and a final pact was made to destroy the ever-coming assault of the undead Scourge. But when a final attempt was mustered, a dark portal opened in the middle of the Raging Malestrom. What lay past was a new world; perfect for colonization by the New Alliance, or destruction by the Scourge. Though barely holding, the New Alliance defenders fought off Scourge advances for months. But they can't hold forever. To worsen the situation, the Tera (the world was named) Exploration was attacked on the other side by The Coalition, an alliance of creeps that knew the invaders would corrupt and harvest their lands until nothing remained. So trapped between the Horde and the Scourge, the Tera Exploration must fight their way into the new land of Tera and defeat The Coalition, or they would surely be overtaken by the battilions of advancing Scourge warriors...

Chronicles of Tera (the series): The Coalition (the map) is an AOS map that takes place in a destroyed monastary, still filled with rogue magic creeps and crazy arcane spells. These are both acctually part of the game, which I will explain later. Each race will have 10 heroes, and each will have 1 innate ability, 4 regular ones, and an ultimate. The map is very large, exceding the normal limits using the World Editor Unlimited. The extra space will be used for rare merchants, creeps, and other stuff. I was hoping to have some type of equipment system, but I have come across none I have liked so far.

The creep path will be winding and non-linear(like dota), and each team will have multiple town halls. Each town hall will have two unit options; Immediate reinforcements and Permenant Reinforcements. Each has its seperate points, and you can't use Immediate Points(I.P.) for Permentant Reinforcements (Permentant Points=P.P.). Now I.P. are built up by simpler actions like killing units and heroes. Every x units killed(there will be other methods) earns you an I.P.. Immediate Reinforcements are like hiring a unit, 1 of that unit will spawn instantly and follow the town hall's spawn path. I.P charge fast.

Permenant Reinforcements add one unit of the selected type to the Town Hall's wave. Hypothetical Example: a Town Hall spawns 2 grunts and 1 rifleman. You use one I.P. to hire a Rifleman. A rifleman will instantly appear and follow that Town Hall's pre-set path. Now you use a P.P. on a rifleman. 2 Riflemen will spawn per wave instead of 1.

Now for the rogue magic and spells. There will be Neutral Hostile creeps in the monastary that are magical (golems, elementals, evil magicians...). But there will be random magicial effects in the monastary, like random Blizzards, or AoE slowing. But there are also stoppable forces. There are random obelisks(resurection stone) that will spawn creeps that will be sent at your base and cast powerful spells. These can be destroyed to stop the magic and spawns. Also in the center of the map is four obelisks you can capture to use their magic!

Regular units:
Tera Exploration:
Melee: Footman (balanced atk & def)
Grunt (powerful atk & hp, low armor)
Mtn. Giant (lots of hp, low amr & atk)(hardened skin)
Ranged: Headhunter ( balanced atk & def)
Rifleman (powerful atk, avg armor, low hp)
Siege Machine (siege atk, good amr, low hp)
Magic: Priest (balanced atk & def)(AoE Heal)(Upgrade: Firebolt +atk(autocast), Pain (stun))
Shaman (balanced atk & def, more offensive spells)(AoE Bloodlust)(UP: Summon Fire Elemental, Flame Buff (dispell & dmg))
DruidTalon (low stats, def spell)(Rejuvenation Wave(Chain))(Starfall(Rain of Fire)(1wave), Envenomed Spear)

The Coalition:
Melee: Furbolg (balanced atk & def)
Ogre (powerful atk & hp, low armor)
Dire Wolf (powerful atk, low amr & def)(stealth)
Ranged: Axe Ranger (balanced atk & def)
Shadow Elemental(voidwalker) (powerful atk, low hp & amr)(breath of darkness)
Catapult (siege atk, good amr, low hp)
Magic: Shadow Priest (balanced atk & def)(AoE Heal)(Upgrade: Entangling Roots, Death Coil)
Furbolg Monk (balanced atk & def, more defensive spells)(Slow:slow cooldown)(UP: Summon Rock Golem, Silence (singletarget))
Dryad (balanced stats)(Gust(carrion swarm)(Wind Walk(AOE +speed), Spirit Explosion(NE building Death)

My hands hurt and I have almost nothing left so thats it for now but I will add more if you want. Latah:infl_thumbs_up:
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