Chinese icon set

So, as you may know, there's an Asian version of War3 that isn't bloody nor skully. Since those files can't be accessed easily ingame, I'm just importing them here for you. These are 100% Blizzard/Lemonsky icons, so feel free to edit them as you please. Don't bother crediting me, I'm just saving you some time.

Abomination (Icon)

bloodlust (Icon)

Cannibalize (Icon)

Claws (Icon)

Critical Strike (Icon)

Frenzy (Icon)

Ghoul (Icon)

Impale (Icon)

Lich (Icon)

Skeleton mage (Icon)

Vampiric aura (Icon)

Zombie (Icon)

Zombie Female (Icon)

They really be playing LoveCraft 3 over there. Approved.