cHeRoL's Riddle Adventure

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is a riddle game.
You simply answer different riddles that are given to you throughout the game in different ways.
I will use the rest on the map for other riddles,but this is the first version.
I will ad other riddles and I need space for them that's why the map is a little big.
Please leave comments and opinions.
It is my first riddle map :).

riddle, risk , questions

cHeRoL's Riddle Adventure (Map)

23:23, 9th Oct 2009 ap0calypse: Rejected This section is for (nearly) finished maps only.




23:23, 9th Oct 2009
ap0calypse: Rejected

This section is for (nearly) finished maps only.
Level 14
Jun 11, 2007
Gonna try it out now! Be right back with a review!:)


Tested it. I didn't even get through the second riddle :O

"Big as a mountain, small as a pea, endlessly swimming in a water less sea"=Asteriod?
Didn't have a clue what to do when i figured it out. Please tell me so I can make a full review :D

And the map needs a proper description.
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Level 27
Jan 26, 2007
Well, this is clearly not finished yet.
This section if for (nearly) finished maps only, so I'll have to reject it.

Anyway, improve the terrain (use walls instead of blizzard cliffs, add some environmental doodads, just create an actual terrain... it's not because most riddles don't have a nice terrain that it's supposed to be that way.
Also, riddle 7 seemed weird


1 equal to 6
2 equal to 12
3 equal to 24
4 equal to 48
5 equal to 96
6 equal to ???


It's really simple

Obvious answers:

  • -192
  • -6 equal to 192
  • -equal to 192
  • -really simple
  • -simple

None of these seemed to work, so I really suggest you look at it and say whether I'm completely wrong, or if it's just another method of saying it and if that's the case, please say how).

Things that really need to be changed:

  • You need to add multiple answers per question of possible (e.g.: -X / -X trees / ...)
  • When someone says a word that gets in the direction of the answer, say so (I really thought the second level was -planet, for example... you could've given a small hint, or just a message that I was thinking in the right direction when I said that).
  • Smoothen it up, use color codes for messages, use structure.
  • Further customize the abominations, they still have the standard HP ^^
  • Improve the terrain drastically
  • Add a good description (when the terrain is good, you can also add screeny's)

Anyway, good to see another riddle map, I love those :)
Level 11
Mar 30, 2008
The answer at question 7 is "-1"
Because 1 equal to 6 and of course 6 equal to 1.
Btw,I finished the map in just 4 hours and the terrain will be changed on next versions plus more riddles.

I will edit the map and going to change the terrain,I'll add more hints and a better description.