Characters You're Attached to?

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Jul 7, 2009
Ever got emotionally attached to a fictional video game character? I've a got quite a few actually.

Morte and The Nameless One from Planescape: Torment. Technically, I loved all of them, except maybe Fallen-From-Grace, but Morte deserves number one and TNO number one and a half.

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption.

My companion cube in Portal.

Uther in Warcraft III. And the whole gang in the Durotar Campaign (Rexxar, Roshan, Misha and Chen)

My Charizard in Pokemon Red.
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May 10, 2008
Snake - Metal Gear Solid 4
Raiden - Metal Gear Solid 4
Garrus - Mass Effect 2-3
Legion - Mass Effect 2-3
Thane - Mass Effect 2-3
Midna - Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess
Skull Kid - Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask
Nathan Hale - Resistance : Fall of Man
Ratchet - Ratchet & Clank : A Crack In Time
Anubis - Unreal Championship 2
Baz - Giant's Citizen Kabuto
Master Chief - Halo

Just some i can think of atm
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Jan 10, 2005
I've got a couple.

Jackie Estacado and Jenny Romano from the first Darkness have to be some of my favorites. I think the game has got better atmosphere and characters than the majority of movies out there.

Alyx and Eli Vance, from Half-Life 2. Again, some of the best writing, atmosphere and characters ever.

A couple of characters from Ninja Theory's games; Nariko and Kai from Heavenly Sword, and Monkey and Trip from Enslaved. The gameplay of those games is not the best, but they can sure write good stories and characters.

And last but not least, Grom Hellscream (you'll get a cookie if you can guess the games he's been in). Pretty much all Warcraft characters are great, but this one has got to be my favorite.

Edit: Forgot all about Shadow of the Colossus, mainly for Agro. And it doesn't even talk. Best horse in a game ever. :)
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Jan 7, 2005
Yeah, but I wouldn't wanna mention those. Because I nurture a very strong affection for most characters of a particular edition of those series.
Not that all of them are equally propitious for attachment: I really don't see how you get attached to a Final Fantasy 8 character, for example. ;P
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Mar 22, 2010
Well I only got a few....

Half-Life: Op. Force = Adrian Shephard...... Never got mentioned in HL2 though
Half-Life = Of course, Freeman.....
Minecraft = My char.
aaand Prototype = Alex Mercer (The Good Virus One)

I don't really play many hardcore games right now....

the only thing I play is some REALISTIC RTS games like CoH, or
even Hearts of Iron II which is definitely my type of game although I still play some good ol RTS games like RA2 or even AoE II

I Forgot 1 thing, MY COMPANION CUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jan 10, 2005
Your joke would've kind of worked if the OP didn't specifically ask for any game characters you've ever been emotionally attached to. But he did...

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Jul 27, 2010
Martin Septim - TES Oblivion
Uther and The Captain that's always with Arthas in WC3
Arkantos, Ajax, and the Nubian Woman (I forgot) - AoM
Jim Raynor, Tassadar and Zeratul - Starcraft
Jarl Balgruuf, Eorlund Graymane, Paarthurnax, Arngeir - TES Skyrim
My Comrades in CoD 1942
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Gorion, Sarevok, Kagain (gold runs the world kid, best you learn that), Elminster, Edwin, Shar-Teel. And Minsc you ask? no i never liked Minsc, he is stupid and just a boring body builder type ;).
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Jun 28, 2008
Cairne and thrall from wc3
JC, Paul and alex denton - Deus ex
Adam Jensen - Deus ex 3
Pretty much all guys from your parties in mass effect, hell I even worked to keep miranda and jack alive trough the suicide mission, not sure why. Although I did kill ashley, she was annoying ^^. Add anderson as well. Not really attached to others, but would have been sad if they died/ was sad when they died. You know, presley, your engineers trough the game, admiral hacket.
A number from kotor.
Party in Dragon age 1 too. Would have killed everyone from my party in dragon age 2, except maybe Anders, cuz he was in dragon age 1 expansion. ffs bioware, good on you.
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Sep 20, 2012
I have some.

Liara from Mass Effect - I love her! As well as Morrigan and Leliana from Dragon Age.
Isabella from Dragon Age 2 - this dirty girl literally seduced me by her little tongue...
Darth Revan from KOTOR - really epic story of a character.
Kyle Katarn from Jedi Outcast - this guy had much of a challenge and overcame all of it!
And, of course, Shepard from Mass Effect - damn, I was him for long 4 years and, at the end, he died! For me it as not saving the galaxy, but like dying myself... Damn you, Bioware, you ruined my hope for a happy end.