Chapter 16: The Battle is Over...

Level 6
Dec 6, 2005
Chapter 16: The Battle is Over...
The elves waited on their impending doom behind the large gate of Evendair. They could hear the screams of those that were being slaughtered. The elves that escaped battle had finally retreated through the gates and as they closed them an orcish horn was sounded in the distance.

Waves and waves of orcs ran across the field in front of the gate, many being shot down by the archers along the walls. As the orcish army continued to fall in front of the gate the Hellhound drew closer. The orcs being as brutal as they are flung themselves with their catapults into the city, plunging down to the brick below them. The walls were hit by flaming boulders, crumbling beneath the force of them. The Hellhound was now in the midst of the rushing orcs. They jumped out of the way as the beast got ready to charge…

The Hellhound started to rush towards the gate. All of the elves focus was now on the Hellhound, they continued to shoot arrow after arrow until they exhausted their arrow supply. As the beast got closer, one final shot from an elf up in a tower hit it, it fell and hit the ground hard. It hurtled along the ground, sliding into the gate, smashing it down.

The elves only just coming to senses of what just happened rushed to the gate leaving a lot of the walls bare. The Hellhound lay in the gateway, orcs rushing past it slaughtering all that got in their way. It seemed as if the elves had no chance, when one noticeable warrior known as Maedhros Inglorion ran into the orcs wielding his sword, Caranthir smiting the orcs down. The orcs carcasses piled up around him, his sword coated in the blood of orcs, faintly glowing orange. The blade seemed to guide him. An arrow to the head was the end of Maedhros.

As the orcs continued to rush through the gate gripping their bloodied axes the city continued to crumble beneath their feet. Those that were alive tried to escape only falling to the ground with an axe in the back of the head. It was over. None in the city escaped but a few from the villages outside managed to get away seeking aid from their brethren the wood elves. Carcasses of civilians and soldiers lay along the ground, some decapitated. The orcs had lost many but completely destroyed the city, leaving behind a smoldering ruin.