Chapter 15: “Saurar Draug”

Level 6
Dec 6, 2005
The monsters large black eyes stared straight ahead, name pronounced “Saurar draug” in the elven tongue, it means Foul One. It was a large dog-like creature, known by humans as a Hellhound. It had large black eyes, sharp teeth, a forked tongue, spikes running down its back, and a leather like skin, not only that but it had three heads.

There was an awkward silence, everything stopped moving, then, as if it was acknowledging its command, it let out an earsplitting roar.

The beast charged down the center of a group of elves knocking them off their feet. All the elves focus was towards the beast, they charged in to take it down. The beast knocked the elves off as if they were ants, they were knocked in the air, chewed up by one of the beasts heads or even mashed under the beasts foot.
Elrohir, leader of the offense that destroyed the orcish camp was picked up by the beast and had his head ripped off. Blood poured from its mouth and onto the surrounding elves making their spines tingle. Meanwhile an elf managed to climb up the beast, he took out his dagger and stabbed the monster in the eye. The beast let out another earsplitting roar, disorientating the elf on top and killing him.

The elves saw this as their chance to fall back, they fled back to the city Evendair and awaited the approaching army.