Chaos Dwarves

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
So I came upon the idea, of adding in the Chaos Dwarves from the lore, the are allies of Blakoth, and they do lie in the realm that is Sereg, although how exactly they would work is still a bit sketchy. I was thinking of a location like the Bukinatal Base off the map. With it's entrance in a newly revamped section to the left of the Pandaren main base.
I have a few upgrades I came up for them including, Hellfire Grenades,Chaos Hammers, and Rite of Summoning *unlocks a Jarn spawn the only one thats lore accurate, for Chaos Dwarves*
Anyway, they would have a full hero, not Minor. He's a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer he'd have a weaker version of Blakoth's Demonic summon spell, a Destruction Wave *works like barrage* spell, and a slight movement and regeneration increase aura*like unholy aura*, and for something slightly unique he has no ultimate, but instead upon reaching level 10 you gain a new minor chaos dwarf warlord hero.
The Chaos Dwarf Warlord minor hero, would upon reaching level 10 unlock the tech "Constructs of Chaos" allowing Dark Forge Golems to be spawned.