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Changes tool tip via RtC

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Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Are you sure it is worth continuing a project that only a select few people (we are looking at 1-2 hundred at most) will be willing to try out let alone play? Your project is probably going to be quite good but you just have to think of the target audience. No one that I know of uses RtC and most people I know do not even know how to start RtC now that WC3 has advanced by a half dozen patches.

You might wish to consider trying to create your project in SC2. With the availability of WoW models to fill in for WC3 ones increasing and the fact that one can change tooltips via triggers it might be a good idea as your map certainly would stand a much better chance of being played.

If you still want to use RtC, you will probably have to contact the author of the project (if stil available). With some luck he might give you the nescescary source code and knowledge so you can update the hack to work with newer WC3 versions (in which case your project might stand a good chance of being played).
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