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[General] Change Terrain

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Level 3
Jun 2, 2014
Once you start up into your map, go to the "Advanced" tab and find Modify Tileset.....
There you can change the terrain of your map! You are also able to make your own custom Tile Set, by checking the box, "Use custom tileset".

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
The order in which tile types in a tileset are declared determines their priority when it comes to the blending boarder between two different tile types. Generally one wants natural tile types higher priority than artificial ones so it looks like the nature has grown slightly over them. Additionally barren ground tile types should be lowest priority so that other tilesets look like they are on top.

You are limited to 1 to 2 cliff types and 16 tilesets. Of those 16 tilesets 1 to 2 are hard-coded to the used cliff types's base tileset.

Although triggers can be used to dynamically load tilesets, they cannot unload already loaded tilesets and are still restricted to the 16 tile type limit as you are in the editor.

The limit is mechanical, the structs used for terrain nodes are bitfields of size 4. As such they can only uniquely distinguish 16 tile types. It should be noted that cliff types are also bit fields of size 4 so in theory 16 cliff types should be possible but some logical limit must be in place to restrict usage to only 2 cliff types.
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