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change missile art by trigger/dummy passive

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Level 7
Jan 30, 2011
in my map i use archers. i want to make an upgrade that provides fire arrows for them, which damage the attacked unit over time
for the DoT i wanted to use batriders liquid fire
that all works fire, but now i want to change the missile art aswell
i tried it with orb-effect-based dummy passives but orb effects overwrite liquid fire
i also tried with sphere and other passives but i couldnt find a solution
please help!
Level 4
Aug 8, 2011
Adding the Lightning Attack ability might work. Just make sure that you set it so no lightning effect is used in the ability, and set the missile art to whatever you want.

My apologies if it does not work, I am not able to test it at the moment.


Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
There aren't many options for changing projectile art, although the Lighting attacks (mentioned above) seems to be the best one. Demolisher's burning oil can work too, although it requires more customization.

Using the first option you have to null the 'Art - Lighting effect' + 'Art - Target' fields.
Make sure missile's curve and it's speed have the same values as the unit's one (ofcourse the unit who actually uses the ability).
Level 1
Feb 9, 2012
sir how can i change my missile cuz i dont want archers to throw arrow i want them to throw lasers or beam can you tell me how can i do that?
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