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Celtic House(s) model (no animation)

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Hello :)

What I want to achieve is basically that :

I would need some Celtic houses doodads (those you see in the middle) for my map Rome II Total War.
I also uploaded a straw roof blp that could be applied on the roof, and you could have fine stone texture here : Buildings\Human\Farm\House.bp and wood part if needed : UI\Glues\Singleplayer\HumanCampaign3D\HumanCampaignwoodmetaltrim.blp

Other possible houses concept (I simply want a round thingy ;) : Here

Tell me if you can do it, or if you know some similar existing models that could fit !

Cheers !


  • strawroof1.BLP
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Feb 3, 2012
I decided to make houses little more round...And i had a loot of will so this is the result

All that is left is to split the houses in separate models because i made all on one model, probably will do that tomorrow

here is the link to the model if you want to take a look in model viewer
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