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Car models

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Level 7
Oct 8, 2007
Got request can some body make for me models of few cars?
I want models based on real cars

Cars that i want to use in maps, which photos can be hard to find (below it is list of cars that u wont have problems with finding photo)
Fiat 126p

this photo is polish police car few years ago ;)

It can be tuned like those:


Polonez "coupe"

Subaru 360

I would also use models of cars such as
-Dodge Viper
-BMW M3 or ,M5,Z3,X3,X5
-Subaru Impreza
-Mitsubishi Lancer
-Mazda RX7
-Seat Alhambra
-Renault Clio, Kangoo
Level 7
Oct 8, 2007
;] guys as u see few ppls more needs cars like these for making their resources more realistic :].
Now i have more time so i can describe my map plan better, so i want to make RPG in my district with help of few friends. That map will be a bit parodical. Some(2-3) players will be normal peoples rest of players will be able to swich beetwen few funny "gangs or should i say subcultures" like punks,skaters,skinheads,discomans,emo etc. Map as i said b4 will be funny, and it will be parody of polish climates. For punk i will use troll headhunter model for skin ogre etc. I hope i would make this map finnaly and it would be worthful to play. I dont want to promote any of subcultures. The last 2 players will be reserved for NPC like police which will make everyone's life harder. In the map u will be able to buy or steal a car (choice is yours).
simply i want to make mix orpg with loap.
My map plan = ORPG + LOAP
I will test models in Azeroth GP based race map of low horsepower cars racing. So u can easy imagine it bit diffrent track than in Azeroth GP with cars like Fiat 126p,125p,500R,F,L Polonez Subaru 360 Citroen 2CV.

Other cars that I will make good use of:
Fiat 125p


Polonez Caro '98



old Trabant



Citroen 2CV


Fiat 500R or 500L or 500F (not big diffrent)


Wish luck to everyone who wants models of this old cars xD
Level 15
Mar 9, 2008
try "i am a legend map in epicwar it has a few car models.
Ofcourse its not protected.

again new post ???
how the...

try '' i am a legend map'' its a waste of potential it has a few cars find it on epicwar
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