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  • hey!

    I would just like to thank you for the answer

    thank you ;-)

    and bring up another problem

    now I don't know what's lagging the game during lan.

    because all leaks, as far as I know, are fixed :-(
    that's a great solution


    I Havre other problems besides that leak.

    like how do you get a sound to play numerous times on different events, and not have that sound leak.

    I've added a sound and made it a variable

    but when it plays it creates a leak, so I deleted it after it plays. the next time that sound Is supposed to play, it can't because it's deleted.

    so I decided to redeclear that sound every time it is deleted.

    but that doesn't work.

    so how do you fix it?


    Congratulations on your first message!

    I hope you get tons More and negative values if you rather don't like messages :)
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