Cant find mod data when triggering.

Level 4
Aug 13, 2009
I add the custom mod as a dependency, but when i try to find its data when triggering, i can not. the data shows in the data module, but when triggering it i cannot find it.

In this case my mod is filled with imported sounds, i make data objects (sound) using the imports as the assests. I save the mod in the mods folder (unpublished).

On my map i make this mod a dependency. I can find the data objects from the mod in the data module, but when triggering i cant figure out how to find it.

Thanks in advance.
Level 11
Nov 4, 2007
Currently mods don't support importing, if you want your imported custom sounds to work, you will have to add them as imports in your map as well, though this wont add to the map size, it is tedious and seems like it shouldn't be necessary.