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  • hello there, I think its more faster to reply here than browsing a lot of threads that I'm working on anyways I don't have problems to you or the map, I'll accept the website and vids as a source of information for the map's description and I'll bring it back to pending then, sorry if I let you wait

    I'll also clean the thread of your map's comment so other users won't see it as our rumble haha ;D
    it doesnt mean the word "i failed you"
    it means that i cant make it.
    possibly due to my school life and pressure,w/c is important to me.
    I apologize
    oh,so you didnt see my post on chat weeks ago.

    Im sorry i failed you,it seems that i cant.
    please forgive what i have done.
    I think you may have a rookkit virus, they are notoriously a pain in the ass to get rid of. The last one I had forced me to format my hard drive to rid myself of it.

    I know Avast! can scan for rootkits, both in normal scans and doing a Boot Time scan before anything loads in windows, thought anti-virus like Avast can be rendered near useless if they are not on your computer before it was infected.
    Wondering if u could unban me from risk devo and risk next gen... apparently im banned from next gen also.. They say i pre-team but i gave someone my land and left. Is that illegal or something?? Message me ([email protected]) TFT
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