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Campaign Models to be rigged

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There are lots of campaign models to be rigged, all found in the StoryModeCharacters folder, and some in the portraits.

Here's a list of models that need rigging and some animations:

SM model
AdjutantNot doneNoneTentacle Monster?
ArcturusNot doneNoneArcturus ._.?
Armory BansheeNot doneNoneBanshee :v?
Armory DropshipNot doneNoneDropship
Bounty Hunter(Tosh)Not doneNoneHigh Quality Tosh
Gatling GunNot doneNoneStanding turret?
ColonistNot doneNoneMany anims on him.
Donny VermillionNot doneNoneGeneric unit.
Dropship(+blue)Not doneNoneDifferent variations of the dropship.
FirebatNot doneNoneFirebat(I might do this one).
First Officer(Jimmy's friend)Not doneNoneGeneric Unit?.
FlyNot doneNoneGiant killing fly!.
Rest of the crew(+bart,+armor)Not doneNoneLots of anims on them, Workers?
Kate LockwellNot doneNoneMany anims.
Lee KenoNot doneNoneMany anims.
MarauderNot doneNoneMarauder
Marine1-4Not doneNoneGeneric Marine, I might do this one.
Merc GuyNot doneNone
News ReporterNot doneNone
NovaNot doneNoneLOTS of Ghost anims.
Raynor, both versionsNot doneNoneBadass, nuff said.
Siege TankNot doneNoneLe Siege tank.
ValerianNot doneNone
VikingNot doneNoneViking :v
ZeratulNot doneNone
HydraliskNot doneNone
ZerglingNot doneNone
MutaliskNot doneNone
Infected HansonNot doneNone

Also, a tip. There's a Kerrigan portrait with a full body in the portrait section, give it some love.
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