Bugs Fixed in Version 2.6!

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Nov 1, 2006
January 27, 2008


After two weeks of intensive targeting the major bugs that arose in 2.5 and fixing them, Version 2.6 is out!! With every known bug fixed and a couple new features, THIS is the version you want to have and be hosting on battle.net. I will not be releasing another version for quite a while so enjoy what I've made for yall :wink:. Download it now!

2.6 Update List
  • Final bugs with Victory/Defeat conditions sometimes not working is fixed in both Normal and Death Match modes.
  • The Burning Fiends and Vampire Bat models have been changed to smaller, different skins that cut the maps filesize by 10%.
  • In Death Match mode, an enemy's attack projectile art will no longer show through the fog of war.
  • The Hunters 'Hunting Wolf' and 'Ballistic Bullets' abilities have been slightly nerfed, as well as his ultimate 'Beast Trap' and the Scientist's ultimate ability, 'Halt Time'.
  • Creep Respawning in Death Match mode is now more spread out over time.
  • Information for Heroes when clicked in Death Match mode has been changed to be relevant.
  • Global notification for Heroes being killed in Death Match is now given, and Heroes will respawn when killed by other Death Hunters in this mode during the first 12 minutes of the game.
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Nov 25, 2006
Whew! The architect bug has dissapeared. thanks, Nite! That helps a lot. Especially, i've been waiting for this version, just to say this short poem on the beggining of the game. Chic.

Fellow Death Hunters, lend me your ears
We come here to face any human's deepest fears
For the vile knight comes, for his blade will not rest
For we'll not give up on this ominous test
We'll show our true power, and our amazing feat
Until the damned gave up, until they have defeat

And i felt really, really proud.

Oh. Nevermind that. What do you mean with the word 'final' on the file? You're still going to continue the project, right?

Why i can't do +rep? Spread reputation? To who?
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