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Buff model on item

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Level 7
Jul 4, 2007
Hey, I want to use barkskin model on an item, but it gets impossible to pick up since you have to click the model itself to pick it up. How can I solve this? Thanks


Warcraft Moderator
Level 67
Aug 10, 2018
I imagine you would have to edit the model to do so.
Collision Shapes, How to Make Your Model Selectable

Or, and this might be a convoluted workaround, you could use a transparent Model for your item, then use triggers to create Special Effects at the position of your item (like the Barkskin effect). Then you could use an Item Indexer to link these Special Effects to the Item. This would allow you to avoid having to edit every single Item Model.

I attached a map with an example. Note that I'm not using a "real" Item Indexer so it doesn't recycle Indices. A real Item Indexer would detect when you destroy/sell an item and open up it's Index so that it could be used by another Item.

Also, I attached the transparent "UncleBox" Model that I use in the test map.


  • UncleBox.mdx
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  • Item Test.w3x
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