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"Through the tundra a mammoth charges you with all its spirit..."

A redone version of the Tundra Rush as the last was too weird...
Pretty much a silhouette of a mammoth through the tundra night o.0...

Part of an upcoming racial pack, this one involving trolls (ice).

Give credits to Kimberly if used or altered, pleased ask for permission if you want to edit.

BTNTundraRush (Icon)

22:53, 15th Jul 2010 enjoy: Useful.
Level 46
Jun 3, 2005
Now i can see the mammoth ^^
looks nice, but a bit too comic-like. I cant loose the feeling that the mammoth is smiling.
I think the DISBTNs are a bit too bright.

Well, I wanted to base this using a style that samwise (he made pretty much all wc3 original icons) uses using 1-2 colours only and high contrast o.0..(look at tauren reincarnation for that example)
It's possibly cartoonish due to the size of the head, but its more so the head looking large due to angle/perspective.

I will see if I can update the brightness of the DIS's later.
Level 46
Apr 18, 2008
In my opinion, you should make the mammoth stand out better, as in, instead of a silhouette, it could be a bright cyan color or perhaps ghostly like a spirit. It would make perfect sense, for an ability like "Ancestral Spirit" or so, as right now it looks like a silhouette with strange highlights, completely unfitting the whole idea of a dark silhouette(although the eyes fit perfectly, the highlights on the trunk etc don't fit that well).