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Goes with this.



update: removed the ugly blue thing at the back

halo, forerunner, sentinel, robot, machine, ai, 1v1menoobcakes

BTNSentinel (Icon)

12:11, 3rd Jul 2012 [email protected]: Looks useful. And is clearly defined and shaded.
Level 14
Mar 23, 2011
Big image is either broken or private album, fix pl0x
btw,nice icon 4/5
not a screenshot or a creation of fingolfin's.
Could you PLEASE read the rules?

  • Screenshot icons are ONLY ALLOWED if the original creator uploads one for his own resource
  • Whenever you create a corresponding icon for another user's resource, you NEED that user's permission

Please provide a permission. I won't repeat myself.

Please update your icon again, the preview bug has been fixed.
Once again
This is not a screenshot icon. Look at the .psd.
This is not a corresponding icon. This belongs to the intellectual property of Microsoft, publishers of the halo series. I made an icon for something in halo. It so happens fingolfin made a model too.

Think of it like someone making a freehand lich king icon. That icon is not necessarily a corresponding resource of Kwaliti's lich king model. It so happens that Kwaliti made a model for the character of the lich king, and someone else made an icon for that same character.