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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This icon is based in:


Model by Korija2029.

thanks very much, i used the model, and this icon is mi tribute :)

Human, Undead, Structures, Mechanical

BTNBlackGardenGreat (Icon)

22:24, 9th Aug 2015 Sin'dorei300: Please, read the Icon Submission Rules.
From Rules:
  • "Screenshot icons are allowed only in 1-1 ratio - one screenshot icon for each corresponding resource - and under the condition that you are the author of the corresponding model/skin/spell/item.
    If you miss to link your model as a corresponding resource when uploading your Screenshot Icon, it will be rejected.
    Note that corresponding models may be units as well as buildings and items.

  • Only artwork created by yourself may be uploaded, unless the original author has allowed you to upload his/her work.
    Please provide the proofs (written permission etc.) right away.

  • Before uploading a corresponding icon for another author's resource, you have to acquire that author's permission.
    If the author has been inactive for a period of 6 months and beyond, you can upload an icon without permission."