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BSM RP oBeta .63998p

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Check out the map's official site and forums, and make yourself a profile...

A DnD map with many advantages over Vuen's, though with these advantages it takes time to learn how to use the map. As a new DM or Player make sure to read through the quest list, it is advisable to read through all the features although it may take some time.

Features completely customizable terrain, a system for players to pick a race, gender, and class instead of a generic hero, the ability to make rivers or mountains, a huge amount of options for walls, trees, and lines, in-game placeable boundaries, equipable weapons and offhand items (can be seen), an item system to limit amount held and to allow charged items to stack, ranged and melee options for heroes, a unique chat system on par with Vuen's or any other RP, and much more.

Any questions or comments please contact [email protected] or CxR2262@USEast on b-net.

CxR2262 is BloodStorm2262's new B-net account.

Oh and for god's sake, if you RP don't use Warcraft lore! :)

--Uploaded wrong version at first, please re-DL--
---Errors occured in last version with creep return distance and gate, fixed and reupload--

--Fixed a large number of bugs, added new features, rebalanced some classes--

---Updated alot of features, added a number of new commands such as floating text, item remove, strip COLOR, ttype TERRAIN, etc. / Added Merfolk race--

New features include:

Add ability and remove ability system, ex/ 'firebolt ; @firebolt

Customizable Spawner system, allows periodic spawning of a specific unit to reduce stress on DMs.

Respawner system, periodically respawns all units around it (on placement) including heroes and units of different types but only of its player owner ( ex/ a neutral hostile respawner will respawn only the creeps it is placed by and not the heroes fighting them ).

Simplified commands such as "uk" and "gk" for kill unit or kill group.

Floating text command, including customizable colored floating text.

Item remove command, strip player (hero) command, strip unit command.

Remove player command.

Seller/Buyer command added to create shops out of any unit or building.

Fixed color/give/giver and tint commands.

Some updated models.

New race, Merfolk a STR and INT strong race who is fairly balanced among all three stats.

Campsite system, tent upon construction instantly places flag to its position (offset for visuals) to allow heroes to choose their own respawn points, and campfires which may restore health and mana for players but must charge and recharge over time.

A number of new spells and spell updates, ex/ Shadowstrike does bonus damage to sleeping targets.

Replace command updated to be much more useable.

And many more that will go unlisted... Change Log actually misses some of the updates from the previous version to the new one due to so many updates between the previous version on the hive to the latest one. (Yeah I know, I work fast lol).
Make sure to read through the questlist to familiarize yourself with the new commands and the features, as well as to see the updates to the old.


Fixed add abilities to prevent broken abilities occuring, damn you Warcraft 3! lol
Changed "tent" command to "camptent" to prevent overlapping with unit spawning

What is this... A key?

I wonder what I could use this for...

I just opened this chest with a key!

And it dropped random loot based on my level! Woot!

Yeah, check out my club!

Hey, check out his club!

Just to clarify, all of this is terrain created in game using commands within the map. All of the units are placed in game, those by wards are periodically spawned through a customizable system in game after being placed. This is really just a random selection, just about anything is possible.




























Or like Vuen's...

























NEWEST VERSION: Open-Beta .63998p

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BSM RP oBeta .63998p (Map)

11:56, 1st Aug 2009 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 8
Mar 18, 2005
Hey I uploaded the wrong version, please download again lol. Also I'm actively fixes any glitches or errors in the map, so please give comments =D

--Update-- God I uploaded an even more broken version lol, thats what I get for taking chances with world edit variables. Re-uploading a fixed version. Again I apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

-To bureaulamp: glad you liked it :) be sure to host and spread word, I host new versions often online and will update here.

I plan on adding a system with "optional" DMs where you can set an extra (planned up to 2 for the moment but may have up to 11 if it would be simpler) DMs. Its just a matter of me actually doing it is all ^.^

And don't forget to rate the map for approval and overall, thanks!-

The map is protected, if you need help doing a trigger or something just ask and I'd be glad to help. Also if you want to contribute to the map let me know.
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Level 4
Dec 11, 2008
WOW, this is a big improvement to the D&D type maps... I mean I can do like everything i can do in a normal world editor! It's awesome how you created this and you sure deserve a +rep :)

because its so much it takes a lot of time to read through the questlog etc. and even if you read through it you will have to read it some more to finally remember most of it lol :grin:

1 suggestion though : Get a 2nd DM slot because it is REALLY hard to keep up with the heroes speed.. you have to keep them doing something or they will get bored and leave most of the time so you cant make a nice town or something .. having assistance will really help.. I hope adding a 2nd DM won't be much of a problem... but all those triggers might make it a problem lol.

Gl on the map and im looking forward to see updates :)
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
Is there something I'm doing wrong or the Hive itself?

You didn't do anything wrong, it was the hive...
The problem has been solved, nothing to worry about anymore ^^

About the map:
Erm... I'll be honest: I'm not good in testing maps like this.
It's very weird, but really good... in a way.

I have never played a map like this, I don't really know what to pay attention to.
The terrain/objects/gameplay can all be created... :/

As far as I can see: really good triggering! ;)
Level 2
Apr 27, 2008

It is a large improvement on DnD maps with many more features in it then Vuen's (Being able to turn buildings around is great) and other RP maps. I think that the most important thing that you need to add is more then 1 DM. A single DM struggles to keep players interested especially with the amount of detail that can be added.

Could you please include a list of features that are currently in the version or the ones that aren't. I tried some of the commands and nothing appeared to happen (i.e. The shops and merchants commands) so it left me wondering whether I did something wrong or whether the feature is actually in the version. I am also unsure on how to add abilities to units as quests only mention removing some abilities.
Level 8
Mar 18, 2005
Ok so twice now I've made some mistake that ended up having me losing my response... :-(

tree-3; The quest list is complete, it shows all the commands available. But the "shop" command your speaking about didn't work as I thought it did, so to fix this problem I added the 'sell and 'buy commands, where the 'buy command is the old "shop" command and allows heroes to sell items to a unit, and where the 'sell command allows units to sell items and to have items added to their stock with the " sellX " or " sale " commands. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Also, the old version did not allow adding/removing abilities but this feature has been added to the new version with support for 344 spells including all the wc3 standard and hero spells as well as over a hundred custom standard/hero spells.

To all; I will be implementing an "Optional DM" system in the near future that will allow the Host to promote players temporarily to DMs but still prevent them from abusing their status. A Player made a DM can be demoted at any time and any number of players may be DMing at a time, or so it is currently planned and panning out. Therefore if players want a RP rather than a DnD, thats fine too.

Also be sure to download again, check the ridiculously awesome new updates, rate and give the big "Thumbs Up" for Mini-Moderating! ^.^
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Level 8
Mar 18, 2005
Narrator; I'm sorry could you be a bit more specific? If you mean placing terrain, it works like this. Either type in "sample" and then right click the terrain you want to use, or type in ttype TERRAIN (where TERRAIN is one of the maps terrains, like grass, forest, snow, red, rock, white, desert, crops, brick, etc.) and then once the terrain type is set type in "sterr" / "terr" / "bterr" to decide how big the terrain area you wish to place (s=small, b=big) and then right click using the Pointer to set terrain. Hills and pits may be placed with "shill" / "hill" / "bhill" or "spit" / "pit" / "bpit".

Made a small update, fixing a few glitches. Now 'spell adding will not cause abilities to "break" if used more times than the abilities max level. The item spawning for "tent" has been changed to "camptent" to fix overlapping with tent unit.
Uploading new update, make sure to download and rate!
Level 2
Apr 27, 2008
Just a quick thing

In quests, you have not included how to remove doodads(trees) and how to open close doors. I know the ones from Vuen's that work in the map but you have not included them on your quest list. Also, is there anyway that you could make levers triggered to open doors and placing different doors (i.e. Iron gates, demonic gates, city gates etc...).
Level 19
Oct 1, 2008
Hmm, despite the favorable reviews, I think this needs some work.
For one, I think that the class system, while being reasonably similar to that of actual DnD, needs a lot of work. You should actually give each class their own set of abilities, instead of using basic Wc3 ones. If you cannot do this, then at least give them their own tooltips, without references to mysterious Death Knights.
The fighting style system is a nice idea. However, the buttons dont have DISBTNs, which makes switching between them look awful. Also, each unit should have it's own missile model (ie. Giants throw rocks)
You should also review the sound sets of the different races. I dont think the average Drow would say "Frostmourne hungers".

The unit spawning system would do with some improvement. Each unit should have an ability that makes it spawn. This would make looking at the stats of units a lot easier and would also eliminate some lag.
A lot of units/items/buildings were flawed, why would an Eye of Sargearas or an "Egg Sack #2" be in DnD? This is very contradictory to the statement: "Oh and for god's sake, if you RP don't use Warcraft lore!"...
More than a few DM-controlled buildings trained units at the cost of resources, which he does not have and cannot get (as far as I know).

I understand that this is still a beta, but you should not post incomplete maps here. Do it in the Map Development section.
Despite the many flaws and inconsistencies, this could, in the future, shape up to be an excellent map, but for now: 1/5 Voted for Rejection (Or the reversal of the Approval :3)
Level 8
Mar 18, 2005
Wereguy2; I think you used like half of each of most of the things your complaining about lol.

The spawning system is what is commonplace among DnDs in Wc3, but I will take the ability for spawn into consideration, and so I simply recreated what is expected. ((not talking about the "spawner system" I implemented, he was talking about choosing units to spawn)) And more importantly you can simply type in a unitstring to spawn it, such as "footmen" or "humanbarracks".

I really don't understand what your complaint with an egg sack is though, nor eye of sargeras. These units are meant for decorations and questlines and are therefore, just as heroes, expected to be RPed as whatever object the DM decides regardless of what their name says. This again goes back to your complaint of looking at units, because if a DM can set a heroes stats why should he care what they are at the start?

DMs recieve resources by typing in "ggold ###" "gwood ###" or "gfood ###" and therefore he can have any amount of resources he chooses.

Ranged units are expected to use a form of "arrows" for the moment, though more ranged ammunition types will be added. Therefore the ranged item used by a hero decides what missile attack he has, for example a simple quiver shoots arrows while an enchanted quiver may shoot frost arrows. Also, melee units are seen with their weapons equipped in the same manner. It seems that this, along with alot of your complaints, has to do with you not fully exploring nor understanding the map. Every single thing you can do is explained in quests, so please read them. You must spawn weapons for the heroes to use, or else give them shops to buy them from.

As for soundsets, I can't hardly see how a single line referring to a warcraft 3 character ruins the experience. If space provided for it I would certainly use imported sound sets but because Warcraft 3 does not naturally use Drow, nor have DnD-referring soundsets, this is something I have little control over.

The abilities are a constant work in progress and are one of the few features that still would qualify as "beta" but work fine as are.

You rating the map a 1/5 for a few grudges seems quite disgustingly unproportionate. The map is meant for "roleplaying" wherein the DM and players assume the role of characters and interact with one another, I think you may not have understood the games purpose when you "tested" it.

I would request that you download the latest version and then change your review to a more legitimate one, for if you had read completely the quests you would have seen how to do each of the things you seem to have misunderstood.

--New version uploaded, fixing the wall line trigger because last update broke it, and adding door variations and more wall types--

This map should be played online to be experienced, single player usage is completely pointless aside from testing.
And I think that requesting a map to be dissapproved because you didn't understand it is unreasonable.

Also, to Wereguy (Werewulf?) I'm not trying to be an a-hole I just think your review was unreasonable.
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Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
Allright, the eye of sargaras and egg sack are indeed minor, though the heroes were bothering me too.
You've got a lot of heroes, yet you did not change the abilities, some even do not have abilities.

Incomplete maps are also not allowed here, of course this map is almost complete, though the abilities are still an important part.
DISBTN's are also a requirement: if your icons do not have them, that's unacceptable.

It seems you have completed most of the triggering, the entire gameplay works, but the object data is still incomplete.
That indeed seemed nice: the DM has a lot of options and can create the entire game without too much problems, yet the players who play the DM's map will not like it that much because of the objects - this is my personal idea, though.

The rejection stays until you change that - end of story.
I believe it cannot take long to do that ^^
Level 19
Oct 1, 2008
Yes, I am actually Kimberly in disguise >_> :D
My egg sack complaint was about it's and many other object's names. I know this is minor, but it really believe in attention to detail.
The majority of my reason to give this a 1 lies in the state of the abilites, which really are quite boring. I think you should use actual DnD feats and spells. I think that this, coupled with the Race/Class system would really make this game interesting.
The thing with the projectiles referred to those of DM spawned creeps.
For objects, how about changing their names to basic descriptions (House instead of Elven House, Floating Orb etc), as this would stimulate imagination and improve immersion.

I will take a look at the new version (Hopefully this will have been done by the time you read this) but for now I stand by what I said, despite the misunderstandings.

EDIT. HOLY SHIT, now that is a big Quest Log!
Ok, the following elaboration is mainly based on that.
It is clear that a tremendous amount of work has been put into this, I was surprised at how many features there were.
This is not affecting the overall score, but i think you should spend some time in giving each of these entries their own icons, it would make navigation through them a lot easier. Also there seem to be more than a few unneeded entries, which again, will not affect anything, but which I suggest you remove.
The Move Units command didnt seem to work
In the Play Animation entry, you should make a list of common animations, as only a mapper/modeller would know what they are called.
The same thing applies for the Add Spell entry, maybe you should make a separate entry with a large amount of spells listed.
Describe what Wandering is.
Why is there a bunch of unused quest slots?

How about renaming the attributes to Str/End, Dex, Wis/Cha/Int?

Playing the DM obviously requires a LOT of skill and knowledge, and my main concern is the fact that most people would get bored of waiting for him to make things. Maybe you should include some minigames to keep people occupied?

Despite the realization of the sheer amount of options this game has, I still think that it needs work, especially in the PC field.
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Level 8
Mar 18, 2005
Thanks for updating apoc and werewolf.
Apoc; had you played as a player you would see that the "abilty-less" heroes select classes at start and as a DM you can give any unit these classes simply by typing in " 'CLASS " where CLASS is one of the games classes. Or infact give them any Wc3 or custom ability by typing in " 'ability ".
Not sure if you got this before, but you as a DM can spawn any unit from Wc3 and there are lists of many of them availavle.
Was that adressing your complaints?

Wulf; Thanks for revisiting,
RP maps with commands similar to mine are actually fairly popular in Wc3 and so things such as animations and abilities are known by most who play them. I will however include a list of common animations as requested, and of all 100 or so custom abilities you can add but not wc3 normal abilities.
I'm currently working on spells for the classes so that problem should be fixed too, and I will then move on to implementing prestige classes.
Unused questslots can be set by the DM as quests.
Level 4
Dec 11, 2008
Lol the minimap doesn't matter ,
Btw, it's been some time since last update , i am really hoping for the multiple dms .. and ofc the abilities.. Because I haven't really tried it anymore since my friends would like to be dm too -.-
Level 8
Mar 18, 2005
I have a new version available for download, I'm hosting it on Epic War and it's already been downloaded 1200 times in just one day. If you want a link just click the sig or go to http://www.epicwar.com/maps/117442/, its got quite a large amount added, refined, and polished since this version (.637 --> .6398). Three of which are systems that make a pretty big difference on gameplay, one can be turned on to add a starvation and eating mechanism (including creeps dropping food), one can be turned on to limit chatting between players to ranges (whisper, yell, normal), and one add a key system where doors and chests (random drop based on level) can be opened with keys. A huge number of new [wall] lines and door types have been added, a bunch of fixes, etc. etc.

Otherwise wait for version .64 which I 100% guarantee will be absolutely worth the wait.

Now on a side note, to wereguy2 or whoever the actual moderator is, may I request that I get a blank slate to upload the new map to? Either deleting this page or wiping it clean, I'd rather not have an unapproved maps ratings effect my new version (because the new version is so drastically improved).

To Gladius Tito, I edited the Night Elf Watcher (Sentry) model. Its one of the Campaign units, but the skin I used can be found on this website.
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Level 19
Oct 1, 2008
Random Suggestions
  • I still think you should rename many of the object names.
  • The DM should be able to look at placeables before they are deselected.
  • Multiple DMs would be nice...
  • I suggest removing every race which does not have a model with alternate animations - namely ranged ones, and make the existing ones actually use theirs.

Actual Points
Well, you mostly fixed up the PCs, which was the main issue, however many abilities still reference Wc3 units etc. Now your priority is documentation, as this map is still incredibly inaccessible. Also, DM placeable selection is still a complete mess. As well as the point the the idle suggestion bit up there, many units are also incredibly hard to click on...
Personally, I still do NOT like this map, it is extremely messy and... bleh! However, given it's nature, I suppose it's approveable, others may like it...
Still, you really need to continue working on this, it's still far from complete.
Level 8
Mar 18, 2005
To The World Is Flat:
--> Chat ranged system, food system with 20 types of food, 150 or so weapons that can be equipped (and are rebalanced), 20 or so armors, a bunch of fixes, spell rebalances, chest/door opening with keys system, probably much else too.

To Wereguy(girl)2:
--> Object Names, I repeat are all but useless because you can create floating text if your all that worried about Object names. And players "set names" rather than using unit names.
--> I don't know what your saying with placeables/deselected can you explain?
--> Multiple DMs will be out in .64, just doing the new class/spells then releasing that.
-->I don't animate models and can't seem to find anyone who is willing to, but i'll be the first to admit that this is needed and anyone who can do this would be repped of course.

The documentation is entirely in the quests, although I know its a pain in the ass it is Wc3's formatting not mine. If you have another suggestion for documenting in game feel free to let me know.
The hard to click on/DM area is definitely a problem but you can lower your camera with the zoom command to make it easier instantly.
Level 19
Oct 1, 2008
Well I will repeat that you should change object names to basic, extremely vague single-word descriptions.

When a placeable is selected for placement by the DM, it is immediately deselected, I do not think that this should happen, and that their stats should be viewable.

No, what I was saying about the models is that there are many - such as the human male one etc. with alternate animations (firing a bow etc.). You should put these to use.

Some basic documentation (such as how to create a hero) should be displayed onscreen at the start of the game.

How about some sort of special "menu" thing that can be accessed through the DM pointer that shows the unit selection area from a top-down perspective? That could make selection easier...
Level 8
Mar 18, 2005
As a player it does say how to create a hero at the start of the game...(?) <<-**EDIT** It used to, added it again guess i deleted that part. **

And you can type in -far or -2far to get a top down perspective at any time as DM, which is also mentioned at start :)

I'm not changing object names like I said I find that pointless and have only ever heard anything talking about doing such from you :p, but do you have a link to that Human Male model?

the deselection is just how it works in all the RP maps, but I get your point I'll change that now.

also, I'm working on a new spell/class system that should be out shortly which will hopefully please you and the players
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