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Bronze Bracers

Submitted by Blood Raven
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Bronze Bracers
Basic bronze bracers, forged to protect one's hands.

Attach "Bronze Bracers.mdx" to "hand, right" of the Villager Man model.
Attach "Bronze Bracer Left.mdx" to "hand, left" of the Villager Man model.
Has death animations!
v1.0 [22.8.2015] - Uploaded

Please do not edit or post any of my models on other sites without my permission! You are however free to resize and rotate the models in order to fit them to your units.
Enjoy and give me credits for my work!

Bracer, Vambraces, Shackles, Bronze, Tin, Copper, Hands, Hand, Gloves, Gauntlets, Armor, Armour, Starter, Beginner, Basic, Weak, Brass, Set

Bronze Bracers (Model)

Bronze Bracers (Model)

11:39, 2nd Dec 2015 Misha: useful
  1. 11:39, 2nd Dec 2015
    Misha: useful