BlizzCon 2015


BlizzCon 2015

The Opening Ceremony is over, but you can watch the replay on YouTube.

WoW Arena World Championships: YouTube / Twitch
Heroes of the Storm World Championships: YouTube / Twitch
Hearthstone World Championships: YouTube / Twitch
Starcraft II WCS Global Finals: Twitch

  • Release Date: Spring 2016 (PC & XBONE & PS4)
  • Overwatch: Pre-purchase now!
    • 3 editions available: Normal ($40 - PC only) / Origins ($60) / Collector's Edition ($129 - includes Origins bonuses)
  • (!) All 21 heroes will be available with the base edition; as for future heroes, Blizzard has not yet decided the acquisition plan.
  • (!) No cross-play: Neither between PC & consoles, nor XBOX & Playstation
  • Currently, those who pre-purchase the game will not gain beta access
  • Blizzard supposedly decided to bring Overwatch to consoles after Diablo III's success on those platforms
  • New map "Hollywood"
  • 3 new heroes
  • Modding support could come, but currently not being worked on (will not be available at launch either)
World of Warcraft
  • Can now be pre-ordered (early access for Demon Hunter & Level 100 boost)
  • Charity pet: "Brightpaw" (December 2)
  • Baby Winston pet for owners of Overwatch: Origins Edition
  • Beta to start "weeks" after BlizzCon (possibly January)
Heroes of the Storm
  • New mode "The Arena" (Trailer)
    • The same hero can be selected more than once
    • Multiple maps
  • New map "Towers of Doom" (Trailer)
  • 3 new heroes: Greymane, Lunara, Cho'Gall (controlled by two players - cannot be purchased:
    Given for free to virtual ticket owners, blizzcon attendees and a select few, but can be acquired if you play in a party with people who own the hero)
  • Another new hero: Tracer (only with the Overwatch: Origins Edition)
Starcraft II
  • Blizzard will continue to support Starcraft II for years to come
  • Starcraft II Mission Packs to be continually developed (Spring 2016)
    • Nova Covert Ops (first pack) - Trailer
  • 6 in-game portraits for owners of Overwatch: Origins Edition
  • Voice packs and unit skins are in the works
    • Abathur will be the first voice pack
  • The development team will now use their free time after Legacy's release to focus on competitive multiplayer, with "large scale changes" possible
Diablo III
  • "Mercy Wings" for owners of Overwatch: Origins Edition
  • Patch 2.4 with new content coming soon
    • New zone "Greyhollow Island"
    • Expanded Adventure Mode (The Eternal Woods & Royal Quarters)
    • Existing item sets revamped
    • New: "Set Dungeons" - Access will be gained to these non-random dungeons once the player has completed an armor set
    • New: "Empowered Rifts"
    • New Legendaries
    • Buff Interface reworked
    • More Stash space: 1 tab can be purchased with gold, up to 10 can be gained through Season Journey
    • Season changes
      • From Season 5 onwards, no more season legendaries
      • But "Haedrig's Gift" - a set of items which can be gained through seasons
    • Action Combat coming to the PC version
    • Full blog post - PTR to be released in the coming weeks
Warcraft (Movie)
  • Director Duncan Jones came on stage (along with some of the cast)
    • Says he has played the original Warcraft RTSes, as well as WoW vanilla

For detailed coverage of the different panels: MMO-Champion / Reddit Live Pages
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Jun 4, 2009
They kind of turned Warcraft into Final Fantasy (Legion trailer). I'm more interested on HotStorm and the Nova missions. Of course most interest is the movie and LotV.
Once again, Diablo remains underground.
They kind of turned Warcraft into Final Fantasy (Legion trailer). I'm more interested on HotStorm and the Nova missions. Of course most interest is the movie and LotV.
Once again, Diablo remains underground.

I haven't played Final Fantasy. How is it like it? :) (I assume you meant that in a bad way)

A lot of people said the trailer for Legion outdid the Warcraft movie trailer. I have to agree, but I'm hyped for both!
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Jul 9, 2009
Cata had 4
4.0.6 (yes, this patched added relevant content), 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

MoP had 4
5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4

WoD did indeed have 2 but you make it sound like it has been going on for a while :p

I never meant for it to be taken as if there were more expansion than one that had only two patches. But giving MoP credit for 5.3 is a bit generous considering that content is no longer available. I did love Timeless Isle though so that more than made up for it. ^^
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Jun 13, 2012
So wait are we going to see Sargeras in this expansion?If not then i feel like mentioning the Legion through out the whole warcraft franchise was kind of pointless.

It would be like undead but no Lich King if you know what i mean.

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Jan 18, 2005
Could people please optimize the main post, it is causing horrendous performance problems (5-7 seconds of freezing) when viewing the News page. This is not something you want on the main page of a website.

Specifically I think the cause is all the youtube tags. Each one has to be resolved for the page to finish loading and takes considerable resources and bandwidth (for the preview image). One could replace them with standard URL links to youtube except for key videos.

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
Hmm, I thought hidden tags solved that. Anyway, removed two Heroes of the Storm youtube videos and replaced them with links. (edit: also removed the opening ceremony video)
Loading much faster now.

The Diablo III changes sounds good. One of them is even an idea I suggested a few times on the forum, although if it came from me or if they thought it up in parallel is another question.