bleach models

Level 6
Jul 13, 2007
hello i need some bleach models i need ichigo,rukia and chad just post a link if you know where to get some or if you have any. plz

Hello, I need some Bleach models. I need Ichigo, Rukia and Chad. Just post a link if you know to get some, or if you have any, give them to me. Please. <-- THAT IS WHAT A POST SHOULD LOOK LIKE!
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Level 12
Apr 26, 2008
what for?if its a map post pics and screenshots.if not them give us a good reason. or try to make them yourself(there is no rukia/chad models).wtf is bleach?some people never heard of it

there is-.-

hehe i would make them myself if i had a free model program but i dont have and its for a upcoming map i will begin to make next week.^^

well i am making a bleach map too and am working on it since 9 month ... first get your map at 80% use your OWN IDEAS and then i will give you MAYBE some models...
Level 5
Jan 8, 2008
why cant you wait ?_?
well its not this easy to get bleach models o.o
and you dont need models to make your map up to 80% o.o
Level 13
Apr 19, 2007
For once, I agree with NightBrowler.

He would've either left or learned the value of hard work, we couldn't lose. But you caved in and just handed it to him so we did lose.

Thanks a lot.
Level 5
Apr 14, 2008
I apologize for giving in so easily. I must explain. Today was the day of my last exam this year for school. When i got home from it, i was naturally extremely happy that school was finally over. In this good mood, i saw this post and just gave it to him. Once again, im sorry. In the futur this will NOT happen.