Request Bleach Skills

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Oct 12, 2008
i have everything i need, including bleach models such as ichigo, bankai ichigo, etc. but i still need skills for the map i am making.

Some here are listed:
Getsuga Tenshou (Blue)
Getsuga Tenshou (Black)
:D thats it lol.

If you do not know what the skill looks like, go to yahoo, type getsuga tenshou, it should show a black and blue crescent like mass of energy.
Also, since i am requesting, i would like any icons for bleach if you can get me some.

Thank you, and i would hope to be able to get one.
email: [email protected]

Bleach image by Unavai1able on Photobucket <<<my ichigo mod looks like that in bankai form, but more like warcraft graphics lol.
Bleach getsuga tenshou image by DarthJosh21 on Photobucket
i need the getsuga black one to look like that, its pretty much a crescent of energy, but if u can add effects then thatd be nice.
The blue one is well blue, and a crescent also.

you can either post it here, or send it to my email
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Level 5
Mar 6, 2008
maybe if you posted why you need them (if for a map, post screenshots and progress of your map)

put some pictures of what you want to save people searching.

then someone might do it
Level 2
Nov 27, 2008
o_O well i am creating a foc bleach map too. if you need help say. i also need models for grimmjow and nnoitra etc. and other espadas, not excluding captains. if you need skill jus tell me i will help u ^^ help me too