black suited villager.blp

Finally its here, the Man in Black! He can easily be used both as a butler, gangstar, top secret police or top secret alien fighting force. The baseball bat in his hands is made because it looks better then a pickaxe, or nothing at all. And i can imagine how 2-4 of them around a lonely villager would react. This skin was actually started to be God in a god map i was doing, but the work have kinda stopped, but maybe it will start again now that God is here.

It started a very long time ago, but i have not worked on it for a year or something until now. You are more then welcome to use it in any map you want to, as long as you remember to name me in the credits, and if you could send me a message so i could download the map would also be great.

Happy alien fighting!

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Man in black suit (Texture)

00:54, 8th Dec 2009 THE_END:Very nice, simple and nice, good work




00:54, 8th Dec 2009
THE_END:Very nice, simple and nice, good work
Level 27
Jul 6, 2008
Really great skin... and with a baseball bat to hit someone... its a really awesome guy...

Are you planing on converting more people to modern era? like child with a shirt with bunny or something like that and shorts... or a woman with a teamcoloured clothes and a purse...
Level 8
May 9, 2008
Thank you all for all the feedback, and thank you Darkmoon Hero, for giving me rep!

I also think it looks too much like wool, and too thick too. Especially because he is muscular..

I have started working on (very long ago)a grey more gangster-like suit with small stripes. I think i will finish it!

I actually used i little purple, but not very much.

And the baseball bat..
It would just look stupid if he had a pick-axe

If someone need a skin, please message me.

If you can find a way it would look better, or have an idea, please post it. It doesn't matter your skill level. It is always better than nothing!
Level 5
Apr 26, 2009
It won't work. I imported set to the path said in the readme, no effect

Edit: got it to work, readme was wrong on the path.
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