Black Knight Model Texture

Ok, so the mesh is done, I just need someone to texture it, as I failed.
All info is in the readme.txt
Why do I need this for? I am making this for fun, and once it's textured I will animate it and upload and give credits to the texturer. Also, I am thinking about making a cinematic called The Black Knight, which would feature this model.
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Nov 19, 2007

I was going to give him the whole demon helm type thing, then I figured it might be a regular vaguely realistic knight. Blargh.

By the way: HT, I LOVE the wrap. It's completely secksy. I can do sooo much with it :x. I'm never going back to Blizzard wraps after this. So much potential, so clean, so organised, so clear. I love you.


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Revellion: The donut shaped object is lance's hand guard, the little stick is lance's handle. And remember to first put outlines of what you want to do, so you don't get lost in an unfamiliar wrap. Little shape near the arm is the bottom of the hoof.

ike: It's already looking awesome :D I totally dig helmet and shield so far :D and ike, if you like this one that much, I might have some further stuff for you, like for example, it's optional of course.

HFR: Thanks :D

No face shall be seen, to incraese mystery about it. Also, it'll have a portrait, but it doesn't matter much, since that's a modeling task for me :p
I wanted to have the model make up for not having shoulderpads, aswell as not having any shields on the sides, so I added the "scorpion tail" scalemail. My idea was initially to only do the chestpiece, but the way the model was made, it wouldn't look good no matter what I did to the upper body, like that atleast.

The symbol that covers almost every bit of the Black Knight is actually my cross, which is what I tried to put up in my username when I first signed up here.