[Texture] - Dragon Knight

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Oct 1, 2010
well heres where i'm at. i "made" a dragon knight (aka shifted the red dragon mesh around , added archimons arms ,legs ,kneepads and flap ) but i utterly fail at texturing >< if posable i'l like to have some 1 texture it for me .

i'd like the flap to look similar to archimons cape (raggad but not purple) , a steel brestplate and kneepads as well as bracers (not gauntlets) if u think the fin on the back should go u'r free to kill it , though if u do could u add a simple cape or somthing like it . also the toe claws could go if u think they should . and lastly i'd just like the skin to be a kinda bluer teal color.

the attached file comes with the texture i was working on but gave up , the mesh overlay i was using as a guide , and the .ms3d file of the dragon knight.

if u want i'm decent at modeling so i could make a model for u in exchange for the texture

i also plan on uploading the model to here as a resource any 1 could use after i finish the final tweeks and animation


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