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100% freehand, well ok, 95%, except the inner part of the weapon.

Dryad, blood, muscle, flesh, undead, body

Beelzebuthv2 (Texture)

THE_END: Honestly, just what is this supposed to be?




THE_END: Honestly, just what is this supposed to be?
I suggest not making the white of the top part contrast so much with the color scheme of the bottom, or vice versa. and at first I thought the ears were horns, until I looked at the UV map. make it more apparent that those ears are actually going into the hair, maybe by burning 1-2 pixel lines on the hair around where the horns would protrude.
Level 8
May 15, 2004
it needs better contrast, the red is very one tone. make the eyes black with white highlight and then do some dark shdes were the cheek bones and other joints should be then highlight the reds a bit more then do the hair a horrible fleshy worm like colour but the hair like that wont work with the skin the way it is because the entire skin needs very sharp contrast and strong shading to make the bodie parts stand out much more.