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Beast TD v. 1.0b

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This is my first upload on the Hive. I have worked on it for quite some time and I hope that you guys enjoy it!

Beast TD is a single player tower defense map for Warcraft. It contains very traditional tower defense play, but contains many features that most TD's do not bother to implement. These features keep gameplay interesting and fun throughout the entire game.

Well, I'll start with the basics:

- There are over 100 towers in the game. No two towers are the same and ALL towers have their own unique abilities that make them more powerful (with the exception maybe of the starting tower)

-Detailed and sensible tower and spell tooltips.

- There are 50 waves total. Nearly all waves possess an ability or multiple abilities that make them more difficult to kill (e.g. healing wards, jump, taunt, spirit link, etc.) These abilities are rarely recycled, so nearly all waves have their own unique abilities.

- Every 5 waves is a Champion level, in which a Champion is thrown into a wave (or spawns alone). These champions are much more difficult to kill and have multiple abilities to use and often times require some sort of strategy to kill easier (example: Wave 20's Firelord Champion has 4 circling orbs that each increase his armor by 5. When an orb is killed, the Champion's armor is reduced) In addition, when a Champion is killed, a tower of that champion is dropped and available for the player's use (like Upadoro TD).

- A nice and deatailed multiboard is available to the player that shows the next 4 upcoming waves (their armor type and their abilities included).

- Easy, medium, or hard difficulty choices.

- There is a score system. Throughout the game, you accumulate score in various ways (killing creeps/champions, completing waves quickly, not leaking during waves, achievements). When you complete the game or when you lose, a rundown of your score and a total score is given to you.

- Achievement system. There are currently 18 achievements in the game. These are not required, but award you score points and are fun to try and accomplish.

- There are a couple fun little secrets in the game that will also allow you to score some points.

- Well rounded and polished gameplay that doesn't get old even by wave 50.






Current Version:
Version 1.0b
-Initial release

First off, thanks a lot to the Hive Workshop.

Godlike, SharDamaka, cr4ck4r, paladon, D4RK_G4ND4LF, Juan_Ann, NFWar, viiva, KelThuzad, bigapple90, |||LSD|||, Dreacon, Leopard, Hellx-Magnus, Squiggy, StaberFire, baassee, Nightmare Moon, Caedrus, -Berz-, Amigurumi, WILL THE ALMIGHTY

- More achievements

- Endless waves after the original 50 waves

- Probably a couple more towers added to the random tower pool

- A few more secrets

- Race mode

This is the first release of my map. While I have tested it many times, I know that there will still be a multitude of bug fixes and balance issues that I will have to fix. So please, any reviews or criticisms are encouraged, they will only make the map better. :)

Happy defending!!

TD, tower, defense, tower defense, creeps, waves, path, defend, lives, champion, classic

Beast TD v. 1.0b (Map)

16:11, 7th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Approved I suggest you add a preview image: To add a preview image, resize the image to 256x256 or 128x128 using gimp and save it as .tga. Import the image and change its path to 'war3mapPreview.tga'. And...




16:11, 7th Sep 2011
Vengeancekael: Status: Approved
I suggest you add a preview image:
To add a preview image, resize the image to 256x256 or 128x128 using gimp and save it as .tga. Import the image and change its path to 'war3mapPreview.tga'.
And note in the description that the map is protected.
Level 2
Mar 12, 2010
Even on lowest difficulty it's still too hard.

Also, make the boss towers moveable, like in Upadoro TD; this is important since the item descriptions of the towers don't really describe accurately what the tower does. (except for the Shockwave tower)

1. A unit affected by the chrono trap got stuck in the spawning point.
2. I tried selling a fully upgraded trap (I think it's spike or chrono), and the game crashed.
3. The wave information in the quest menu doesn't show beyond Wave 15.
4. The spawn skill is buggy. It sometimes activates when I don't want it to.

Even if the map has many towers, half of them become absolutely useless mid-game (on Easy difficulty, maybe even earlier on Hard). And make more traps.
Finally, make the creeps spawn closer together. Splash towers will suck less that way.

This is a solid classic TD map. It doesn't really add much to the genre but has the things that make TD maps fun. Bugs and difficulty need to be fixed. 3/5 for now
Level 3
Mar 16, 2010
Thank you for the review ravewarheit. As soon as I have a break from school and soccer i'll get to work on the map again.

As for the difficulty, I wanted to make it a hard td. I am able to defeat it on hard, you just need to play it a couple times and play close attanetion to armor types. However, I can see where you are coming from because easy mode shouldn't really be difficult. So I will probably do something with that.

For moving the towers, you can use tower displacers. I didn't like that in upadoro td because it took out all of the strategy in placing them in the first place. I will try and improve the tooltips.

1. I will look into it.
2. I'll look at this one, too.
3. Yes I have not completed the quests for the wave information, they will be finished.
4. I think maybe it's because you are pressing the right arrow key, that also activates the spell. I should probably change that to something like the esc key though.

Yes, the beginning towers do become weak in later levels, but that's sort of how its supposed to be. You can always sell them. One of the main keys to the game is to tech quickly.
Level 3
Jun 29, 2008
This map is excellent in many ways. It was a very pleasant surprise for sure.

However, it has one major drawback. You can buy some buildings that generate x amount of gold and lumber every minute. This is all fine and dandy, if it wasn't for the fact that it also counts the time inbetween waves, and that the next wave only starts when you choose to. As such, if you wait around for a while inbetween waves you will be a millionaire and the game becomes unlosable.
Level 2
Jul 13, 2009
Davie Jones' Finger of death ability can kill your other towers if you target them. Also, I'd really like to see a replay of you/someone else beating this map, even on the easiest settings. I managed to get to wave 37 (barely) after trying maybe 6 times. The chrono trap bug is also really annoying, since you have to skip building those towers due to it happening (stuck in spawn).
Level 3
Mar 16, 2010
Thank you for the review and for the bugs. Once again as soon as im done with soccer and school lightens up i will be working on this again.

I have beaten the game multiple times, I found that it got much easier later on because of the powerful end towers. I do not currently have a replay, however.
Level 10
Nov 19, 2011
Here you are. Winning at 'beginer'. Close to death but not too close.

Known bugs:

Non limited banks/lumber mills.
Time Lapse locks player towers and disable autocast.
Bad looking tips. Some towers got it this way:

Damage: value Cooldown:

Pleas fix it. Good look is important. Other bugs you can say: 'I wonted it works that!'. :)


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