American Football v.1.0b

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Play American Football in this map. You are the Seahawks and you fight the Stealers. My first released map.

Any suggestions would do.

Version 1.1b is still under construction.

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American Football v.1.0b (Map)

02:29, 17th Apr 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 9
Mar 10, 2005
Needs a lot of work. I got my dude to the other side. No points or anything show. It doesn't really represent football either. Maybe it would be better if you make players have teams opposing each other. You fight for the possesion of the ball and the only player that can be attacked is the guy carrying the football.

Also, the spelling needs a bit of work. Choach? Tooltips need to be changed..windwalk, there is NO blademaster.
Also the players sound awful feminine, maybe give them the mountain king sound set? I'M COMING THROUGH!

1.5/5 until fixed for playablity.
Level 9
Mar 10, 2005
A few more suggestions: A multiboard with team name, player name, scores as well as terraining could be nice.

There is a nice multiboard tutorial on
Download Senkin's multiboard and change the kill/loss triggers to score. Instead of the events "unit dies, unit is killed", you can change it to "unit enters region" to signify a touchdown. You might need to play around with it and modify the grids to match it to your map's needs.

Or you could create a multiboard from scratch with this tutorial:

Simple name change trigger:

Event: Player 1 Enters chat message with -name as a substring
Condition: none
Action: Change name of triggering player's name to entered chat substring (7,25)

You could also do a name change for the team as well with a name variable called "Team" that is displayed on the multiboard. Not everyone cares about the Seahawks and Stealers!

The only difference from the previous trigger would be:
Action: Change value of variable "Team" to entered chat substring (7,25)

EDIT: oops, and something like Player 1 Enters chat message with -team as a substring


Add yard lines indicating 10, 20 ,30? Use some custom models/textures to give a feel of a stadium?

Gl with your map.
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