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Level 8
Nov 5, 2005
This Content Guide contains a detailed amount of information about the project, including Classes, Setup, Races, Bosses etc. You could read what I've written here or read the attached images, they both have similar information but what I've written here is more accurate. I may add more to this in time, but for now it at least touches on almost all aspects of the game.

It's been a while since I've done much, and I'm proctrastinating some other stuff I should be doing, so I've setup this Content Guide. It shouldn't have many spoilers, so it's probably safe to read, but I may have overlooked stuff. If so, I apologise.
However: the last 3 pages of attachments may contain spoilers.


In total, Broken Dawn – The Elementals occupies 5 levels. Each plays differently, and all obviously work towards an objective. Occasionally, there are multiple ways to end each level.

Note: The list below contains a vague outline of what players aim to do in each level, but mentions few plot specifics, however, you may consider the titles or objectives to be spoilers. If you are anti-spoiler DO NOT READ THE INDENTED SECTION.

_____I. Opening: Players must defend a location and defeat an enemy in the allotted time.
_____II. Imprisoned Below: Players fight through a dungeon to reach the target. Features randomised boss encounters.
_____III. The Archdruid: Players must destroy an enemy base before the enemy achieves their objective. Features multiple methods of completion.
_____IV. Of Body and Soul: Players reach the target, then must find the exit.
_____V. Final Retaliation: Players defend a location for a time, then must destroy a number of enemy targets.

At the start of the game, players will each be given a number of selections. Judging from the experience of others, this is daunting at first regardless of the onscreen tips. Therefore, this will tell you in order what to do.

1. Located on the Left and Right of the screen are hero models (and Question Marks representing models that need a code to be unlocked). Those on the Left are Melee-based, on the Right are Ranged. Melee heroes have a slightly higher damage potential than the ranged, but the Ranged obviously have the advantage of distance. Other than this, Ranged and Melee Heroes are the same. Decide which ‘Avatar’ you want, then select it with the cursor to choose it.

2. A Dialogue will then come up requesting player input as to which Profession the player wants – Blacksmith, Scribe, Enhancement, Herbalist or Spiritualist.

Blacksmith: Crafts weapons and armours which boost Hero stats when worn. Blacksmiths require Scrap Materials which may drop from attacked structures.
Scribe: Creates scrolls which are used as one-shot spells. Scribes require Blank Scrolls which may drop from dead units.
Enhancement: Given an Essence Extractor immediately which is used to kill critically damaged units and harvest their Essence. This can then be used to make Enhancements which are cast upon items crafted by Blacksmiths to improve them in some aspect. Enhancement serves no purpose without a Blacksmith.
Herbalist: Herbalists are able to collect special items which normal players cannot. (I’ve yet to implement these items directly as terrain would need to be done first)
Spiritualist: Given a Spirit Beacon immediately which can be placed on the ground to attract Stray Spirits. The player can then use the Beacon to catch the Spirit, allowing it to be reconstructed into a new unit. This can require patience and is therefore not the easiest thing to do during combat.

Select which ever profession you want. Whenever you use a profession, your Hero will increase in skill level, allowing more recipes. Be aware that the top recipes are the first available, and trying to make later ones too early will result in loss of materials. Generally each new recipe is available after 9-11 skill levels but this might vary.

3. Your Hero will now be standing within a triangular ring (if that makes sense). At the top is a point labelled Magic, at the right is one labelled Instinct and to the left is labelled Power. These represent the three stats, and are connected by sparkling trails. You must move your Hero to the stat which you want to be initially the strongest.
HOWEVER, you do not need to move your Hero to one of the corners. If you want a blend between two stats, you’d move to a point in the trail connecting the two instead. For example: Say I wanted to be Magic based, but still have some favour in Power. I would move into the trail connecting the top (Magic) to the left (Power) about ¾ up the trail.

Magic: Your Hero’s total Mana.
Power: Your Hero’s attack damage, and Life.
Instinct: Your Hero’s attack and movement speed.

4. Now your Hero is surrounded by numerous ‘floating gem things’, each with a small pad of stone land infront of it. These are the classes. Some will have a sort of miniature storm cloud blocking the class from use unless a code it entered, but most are initially available. The Hero may move onto the stone blocks to receive simple information about a class, but not select it yet. To actually select a class, move into the appropriate ‘floating gem thing’. What class is best is a matter of opinion (I think they’re reasonably balanced right now), my personal favourite is the Diabolist, an online friend of mine enjoys the Runemaster.

Note: Some classes aren’t listed below, I think about 2. Any classes that say "Rec. Ranged/Melee Only" are marked for your own good, certain abilities won't work if you go against reccomendations.

Precision Blows - Increases melee damage at the cost of mana.
Critical Strike - Adds a chance to deal a high amount of damage on hit.
Ghost - Allows the Assassin to become invisible at the cost of speed.
Fatality - Causes the target to quickly and helplessly die.

<Ice Mage>
Frost Bolt - The Ice Mage fires a shard of frost at the target which stuns it and sends it sliding backwards.
Chill - Causes the target to move at a much slower speed.
Frozen Guard - Places a shield on the target which slows melee attacks when hit.
Wrath of Winter - A chain of chilling magic flows over the small target area, dealing massive damage.

Flamebolt - Causes an explosion which makes the target and immediatelly nearby enemies take damage.
Burnify - Launches fireballs at nearby enemies.
Inner Fire - Immolates the Pyromancer, harming nearby enemies at the cost of mana.
Blaze - Flame covers the skies and incinerates enemies in the wake of the Pyromancer.

Guided Sight - Increases ranged damage at the cost of mana.
Critical Strike - Adds a chance to deal a high amount of damage on hit.
Ghost - Allows the Ranger to become invisible at the cost of speed.
Flurry - Immensly increases the Rangers ranged attack speed temporarily.

<Shadow Mage>
Shadow Nova - Curses targets in a cone infront of the Shadow Mage to lose life over time.
Shadow - The Shadow Mage may fade from reality briefly when hit to lose the interest of enemies.
Equivilency - Heals nearby units of life at the cost of the Shadow Mages life.
Damnation - Creates a portal through which demonic forces will attack any and all enemies possible.

<Sower of Life>
Reguvinate - Heals the target over time.
Spirit Aura - Increases the life regeneration of all nearby allies.
Conversion - Converts life into mana.
Weave Flesh - Instantly heals the target to 100% life.

Summon Beetles - Summons a group of clustered beetles.
Sheepfall - Summons sheep in the sky, which proceed to fall to the earth crushing unlucky enemies.
Summon Ethereals - Summons units which double as fighters and advanced harvesters.
Replication - Summons an exact replication of the target.

Static Burst - Deals weak initial damage, followed by moderate damage reletive to the Technicans Magic.
Mechanial Medics - Summons mechanical units which will heal the Technicans allies.
Electric Current - Shocks several enemies in a chain.
Destructive Pulse - Deals high damage reletive to the Technicans life in damage to all nearby units.

Shadow Step - Moves the Thief instantly behind the target, which additionally stuns the victim briefly.
Plunder - Steals gold from the pockets of the target.
Counter Attack - Melee attackers recieve damage when attacking the thief.
Vanish - Causes all nearby enemies to become stunned.

Otherworldly Summons - Summons near immobile Fear Spawns at the feet of the Diabolist to attack nearby enemies.
Hellfire - When hit, the Diabolist has a chance to summon flame which burns touching enemies.
Searing Burst - Launches dark magic at nearby enemies.
Chaos - The ground trembles as blades emerge to slice and impale enemies around the Diabolist.

Alchemy - Brew - Creates at random either a mana boosting potion or a life boosting potion.
Alchemy - Mechanic - Creates at random either a net to ensare enemies or a spear that can be thrown at them for damage.
Alchemy - Enchantment - Creates at random an item which passively boost either the Magic or Power of the hero.
Alchemy - Conjuration - Summons a powerful Iron Defender to assist the Alchemist

<Maritime Sage>
Drown - Launches a magically compressed orb of water which attempts to drown enemies in a line.
Summon Amphibian - Summons an Amphibious Guard to defend the caster.
Liquify - The target moves faster, but has a chance to miss when attacking for 12 seconds.
Soothe - Magic rains over nearby allies, healing them.

5. After selecting the Class, you are moved into another area surrounded by structures with a block of viney terrain infront of them. This selection works exactly the same as the one before, but here you select your Race.

Broken Dawn – The Elementals gives players access to six unique races, four initially available, two unlockable. Each race includes a total of three tiers, which are accessed by upgrading the race-specific Town Halls. Logically, the higher tier units are stronger than the lower ones, although different races have different forms of strength.

Arachnids – A race comprised of Spiders and Nerubians. They focus on strength in numbers using symbiosis and shadowmelding squads to outflank enemy groups. These are most effective when used with support-based allies.
Top Tier Unit: Symbiotic Warrior, armoured scarab which spawns lesser spiders upon death.
Other Unique Traits:
At Tier 3, Arachnids may learn Symbiosis (Splits this unit into two. The new units have 50% of the original unit’s life)

Beasts – As the names says, this race is comprised of beasts (for example, the style of which found in the Barrens). The different unit types they use are best utilised in mixed groups. This is achieved through auras and using one type with, for example, strong range but weak melee alongside ones with opposite attributes.
Top Tier Unit: Hulking Reptile, slow beast which is capable of heavy damage on enemy structures.
Other Unique Traits:
Pack Wolves grow hungry over time. Starved Pack Wolves lose a small percent of life and movement speed, whereas Nourished Pack Wolves have increased speed and life. Players should feed their wolves prior to attacking enemies.

Shifters – A rather unique race which relies on upgrades and shapeshifting to overcome enemies. This is the heart of both their strengths and their weaknesses. Being able to ‘shift’ between two forms makes the Shifters versatile, but also makes them a difficult race prior to developing unit upgrades.
Top Tier Unit: Shaman, offensive spell caster which may Shift into a powerful Werewolf.
Other Unique Traits:
Once a player unlocks the Shift abilities of units, they can pay for a research which allows them to bypass the requirements next time. This makes the Shifters tough at first, but become efficient later on.

Sehkmet – A race built upon ancient priests and metallic technology. Initially ability reliant and somewhat defensive, but they eventually develop powerful offensive units. Sehkmet have no supply structures, but instead use Priests, Monks and Ancestral Spirit units for expansion.
Top Tier Unit: Iron Avatar, heavy assault unit with a cleaving attack (the most destructive trainable unit)
Other Unique Traits:
The Sehkmet can eventually purchase Ancestral Spirits which, while weak, produce a cost effective source of Supply.

The Priest may seem like only a Supply Unit, but their abilities offer an exception defence or a temporary offence.

Elementals – The antagonists of the war, they possess two different yet equally dangerous types of units, Fire Elementals and Air Elementals; Fire being powerful yet slow, Air being fast yet weak. Different approaches must be taken to effectively defeat each type. One special feature is that the tech tree expands more simply than the other races, with single structure upgrades allowing more powerful type-specific units.
Top Tier Unit: Warlord of [Element], high life/damage melee unit.

At the beginning of each stage, players are assigned their starting units depending on which Race they chose, and which colour they are (Red, Blue, Teal, Purple). I’m quite proud of this system, took a while to implement…then once I finished I thought of an easier method. But I believe my way causes less lag.

And there you have it, you’re thrown into the field ready to fight in the first Chapter.




For more information, I’ve made these pages here albeit a while ago. I believe they’re mostly accurate but it is incomplete, a chunk of information is missing. For example, the Sehkmet have no lore page, and there are 5 random bosses, not 3.

I hope this has been informative, and has helped understand about all there is to know about the project that is possible before release.


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