Battleship Wars

Level 5
Apr 8, 2006
I am making a map involving sea battles between pirates and privateers for 2-10 players + 2 CPU players.

Main Features :-

- Each player controls a Hero Pirate or Privateer
- 2 Main Computer controlled factions fighting on ships, at sea and at ports.
- Main, fixed ships (made from terrain) armed with cannons and guarded by either Royal Navy (Privateers) or Pirates and smaller, controllable ships.
- Each team has 1 main Admiral, if he dies the other team wins.
- Trading ports, ports controlled by your faction have merchant to sell you improved weapons and better ships.
- Different abilities.
- Custom models
- Each ship contains a docking point where your ship can board but the map will contain some fixed larger ships permenantly boarded onto eachother.

Please leave some feedbacks and extra ideas if you have any

Progess report will be added into my signature when I update it.