Battlecruiser Terrain Template

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This is an ordinary terrain template, resembling a playable battlecruiser. There are various rooms in it - The bridge, medical bay, cantina, engine/reactor rooms, communications center, lab, storage room and other. You can freely use it for your map, just don't forgive to give a credit to me, Tleno (And if you'll actually make a map out of this and will upload it on EU, I would be grateful to check it out).

Map Type: Terrain Template
Theme: Castanar, Terran, Space station/Battlecruiser

Since this is a terrain template and contains no gameplay/data changes to talk about, screenshots should be enough to describe the map:




P.S. I'm also planing on releasing the wrecked/damaged version, you know, same terrain but with all the ship parts beeing damaged and such, this one should be more useful for some sort of survival maps.

terrain, template, battlecruiser, terran, space station, map

BCterrain.SC2Map (Map)

Vengeancekael - [Contact] Date: 2012/Aug/23 00:47:26 Comment: [Approved] Useful, though not that detailed and a bit small. Resource Moderation - Rules

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 60
Jan 18, 2005
The edges look very bland and the map seems rather small. I take it this is a custom design of battlecruiser as it does not match the normal battle cruiser model much.

Does look potentially useful but I think people might be able to do better in maps dedicated to being in a single battlecruiser.
Level 27
Jul 6, 2008
Well yea, I haven't tryed to make it resemble the original battlecruisers much, more tryed it to be a playable battlecruiser for, you know, some sort of map like RPG or whatever with various room for various purposes, like medbay or storage room.

Honestly, I haven't worked on the outsides at all (except for engines). See, I just planend it that only it's interiors will be used, so doubt there was neccessity in immproving the ousides of the ship.