Battle of Mount Hyjal

Level 9
Dec 13, 2005
+I have just finished the wonderful NE campaign [again of course]..
-Still feeling shiver expressions after playing i made this..Hope you all like my map..
-This is a Hero survival style map.
-You choose one of 14 heroes from Night Elves, Orcs or Humans and begin the battle.
-Your hero will be morphed by level 10.
-There r many custom spells..they r not best but still good, im sure.
-You cast Gem OF CHAOS on a compatible item to upgrade it.
-Get Gem and good items from enemy heroes.
-Jaina/Thrall/Tyrande.Stormrage will aid you with their forces [if they r still alive]
-Opening and Ending Cinematics /
-AI works...I advise u to turn on all in single mode.

-Have fun: