Bathroom Kit

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Do you want to fill your bathroom with some elements ? We have all the set for you ! We have an Bath, a Washing Machine and a Sink that can be used for decorating your toilet. They also have animations for opening and closing.

Attachments list:

-Hand and Foot ref = Sides of the Bath
-Chest = Inside the Bath

Washing Machine:
-Hand and Foot ref = Sides of the Inside the Washing Machine
-Chest =Inside the Washing Machine

-Hand and Foot ref = Sides of the Sink
-Chest = Closet under the Sink
-Head = Inside the Sink

-Chest = Inside the Toilet

Bath (Model)

Shower (Model)

Toilet (Model)

Toilet Sink (Model)

Washing Machine (Model)

Fine additions of modern decorations. Works in-game. Approved!
Ah ha! I loved your Kitchen Set, this Bathroom Kit is an awesome addition to the growing collection of modern decoration models on the Hive. Awesome work and again I really applaud the effort put in to including animations for all of these models!
I'm glad that you appreciate these models. I always found these models were lacking for any modern map. I may add one or two another models to the pack if needed.
For actualy gameplay, some modern containers I think. Everything from safes, gun cabinets and wardrobes to trashcans, chests, and the like. Just places players can find things to scrap and loot.

Here is an arbitrary list in no particular order.
trashcans (indoors and outdoors)
trashbags and trashpiles
wardrobes and dressers
store display freezers (Standing, and lying down)
store display cases
store checkout counters
tool chests and toolboxes
gun cabinets
safes (standing and in-wall, big, small)
crates and boxes (for warehouses and storerooms)
shelving with boxes

Stuff like that.

Less gameplay relevant, but nice to have: lamps, chairs, computers, tvs, etc. Things that is not strictly necessary, but can be scrapped by players.
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