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[Solved] Base Ability for 3 Abilities

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Level 5
Feb 6, 2011
sup hive users ... let me go straight to the point
well yesterday i couldnt sleep :D and decided to make anything on the world editor
anyway i made a hero which is nevermore from DotA
made his raises .. aura's and everything
the only problem i have is that
i based my razes on 3 different abilities
1- thunder clap = raise 1
2- slam = raise 2
3 - war stomp = raise 3

well my problem is now his ultimate ability !! i need an another ability like thunder clap or sth to base on it
becuase when even i try to base on like warstop(neutral hostile) it still enters a conflict with war stomp that he has

any help ?
oh and do you know how to make the effect of his ultimate ability ?


Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
Instead of using 3 differend abilitties for raze you could use 'Channel' as base ability and just change base order id for each (so all of them have differend one). Make sure every ability has type - 'No target' and option chosen - 'Visible'.

Spinnaker said:

Channel is comfortable spell for many issues, At first it has various differend options, it can be invisible, visible(ect), it gives opportunity to show effect for given amount of time, ables user to set animation time (anything you wish) and last, the most important:

Enables user to create all types of abilities:
Passive/Active No target/Active Target unit/Active Target Point.

It also gives chance to add variations like Tiny's Toss in dota.
Its ability based on channel with choosen option: Target and added AoE.
Look at this:

Data - Art duration speaks for itself.
Data - Base order id. Here we stop for a while.

In warcraft3 each spell has differend ID (indentification number) and thats they unit can cast many spells without bugging. If we put many spells with same ID on same unit, when it casts spells there will be a lot of strange events going on.
You can make as many abilities based on channel without having bugs - but remember that you have to set different ID for each of them. To do this just click on the field and from list chosse ability whatever you wish except, the unit you wish to give this ability to, do not have spell with same id already.

Data - disable other abilities - set to False when you want your unit to cast many spells (so usually go False immidiately)

Data - Fallow through time - Animation time - dont use default 180 sec, it means unit will stay for 3mins doing nothing but channeling..
Set to 0 if you want 0 cast animation, but for good effect keep about 1-1,5sec here.

Data - Options - here you choose options about your ability (like: if you want it to be visible check on 'Visible')

Data - Target type - important field, choose how your Channel-based spell should act, depending of Target type (no target/point/unit or even unit&point)

If you wish to give AoE component, fill field Stats - area of Effect.

Ultimate can be done is similar way (basing on channel). It's effect is made by creating dummy units with UD-hero-death model. They are added into group and moved away from hero with time. While 'moving' any enemy unit around takes damage.
Level 5
Feb 6, 2011
listen can i upload my map and u check it ?
btw am working with GUI's xD
its because the raises working 100%
everything is working but the ultimate .. which i dont know how to make it
but my 2nd ability which is Gather- it gathers souls of those who are victims of the shadow fiend and adds + 3 damage to an integer variable
which will be converted to real and used to define the damage amount of the ultimate
Level 5
Feb 6, 2011
holy yeah
okey i made the abilities and i now have my shadow fiend ... and i made some of the things a bit different so that it will be mine
anyway HUGE thx man for the help
oh and i have an another question which happens to be my last problem
well the animation played while channeling the ability .. how can i change it to that dance of the nevermore ??
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