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Bandits!: Feature-complete map needs late-stage testing

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Jan 19, 2008

Hi everyone,

Bandits! is a free-for-all empire-building game. It's been in development since September, and is now, essentially, complete.

In Bandits!, each player takes on the role of a bandit lord seeking to take over the countryside. With a ragtag army of brigands and outlaws, players traverse the countryside, raiding, plundering, and subjugating the local towns. Players must contend not only with the constant threat of attack by other players, but also with the whims of the vile Sheriff, who doesn't take kindly to your renegade shenanigans.

Bandits! features:
  • Wild and woolly free-for-all action across a vast, highly detailed countryside.
  • A wide variety of strategies and tactics, with surprising synergies between units.
  • Realistic interactions with the despised Sheriff, including original voiceovers.
  • A diplomacy system with which players can manipulate the behavior of NPCs.
  • Skilled AI players to demonstrate the game or for a single-player challenge.

Learn more and download it at the official Bandits! website.

What Bandits! needs now is playtesting by critical, observant players to identify gaps in the game's appeal, and to find whether some units and strategies are too strong or weak.

All active playtesters will receive credit on the website, quest log and, as room allows, on the loading screen. I will be hosting public games over the weekend on US East, though I hope to hold private games with dedicated playtesters.

Who might be interested in taking part? I will be hosting games evenings on US East from about 5:00pm to 10:00pm et, but I encourage you to play on your own and send your replays and feedback to [email protected]

Yours with thanks,
JadienAS on US East

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Sep 27, 2007
Looks interesting I'm gonna go try it out. By the way, did you notice the floating rocks in the top right corner of the fourth screenshot?
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