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Model Edit Requests/Texture Requests: Bandits

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Jul 19, 2006
Alright, I'm finishing up the Barbarian race for my RTS project (AKA Blue Dusk).

The Barbarians are basically Bandits, and as such use the bandit model as their base.

However, because of my Age Of Empires-style balancing, I will be needing some model edits to help me solidify this race and beef it up with some additional units.

The models are as follows:

Bandit Maceman: Basically, a bandit with a morning star in one hand and a shield in the other. You can base this off the Gnoll if needed, but I'd prefer having the defend animations on it as well as a shield.

Troll: An ogre with a massive axe. Also, the ogre needs to have the head of a War Golem and have a suit of Bandit leather armor, either from the Bandit Lord or the Bandit Enforcer. Portrait also required.

Bandit Grenadier: A bandit that throws grenades, which deal fire damage in-game. It can be based off the villager if needed. Shouldn't have a shield or defend anims. Must have bandit or bandit lord portrait and head.

Bandit Halberdier: A bandit with a halberd. This is going to be a heavy Bandit Axeman, and is going to constitute as one of their special units (like the spear-thrower and Slayer Cavalier). I was inspired by the walk animation of the priest, so, when wielding it if you don't mind I'd like you to use that walk animation with it.

Bandit Summoner: A bandit that summons other-worldly creatures. Please be creative with this, editing the priest model will do however.

Bandit Trapper: A bandit that throws nets as its main attack. In-game will have 30% chance to ensnare target on contact, can be upgraded in-game as well.

Bandit Swordsman: Pretty much a bandit footman. Little actual editing needed, just a different weapon.

Bandit Lodge: Basically the Voodoo lodge without any runes or the sign on top of it.


I need the following retextured:

The Spirit Lodge (no runes on it, possibly make it white instead of brown)

Bandit Texture: If possible, I'd like someone to retexture the bandit and bandit lord to be half-naked (meaning no shirts) and possibly a kilt. The kilt would then be team-colored rather than the shoulder pads, but would be a mesh of team-color and green. This is the biggest request I think of the whole bunch, and if anyone could do it I'd be very grateful.

Credits will be given to all contributors. Thank you.
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