Ban the member above...

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Level 2
Oct 8, 2010
First of all it is a forum game so no ones getting banned for it...

In this game all the members will try to ban the member who had a post above his with some very crazy reasons.
Poster 1
I ban you because you stink
Poster 2
I ban you because you are having a running nose!

and so on...
Ok so there's no poster above me so I declare the start of this game!
I ban you because I hate you and you are the worst thing that's ever happened to me and no matter how much you apologise its through man our relationship is over you can take the kids and all our stuff i dont care anymore i just dont care man ok ive had enough of your shit for the past 15 years and i think this is just for the better of us i mean we can still be friends or something we can still like watch movies together i just dont want things to be awkward between us you know lets forget this whole im overreacting i need you in my life please take me back please.
Level 9
Dec 15, 2009
I ban you cuz I have nothing better to do rather than participate in a stupid game which will soon be closed by the moderators.
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