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Background melee loading screen

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Level 2
Jul 12, 2008
This is done by using the Warcraft 3 in-game backgrounds that are split in 4 parts. I'm not sure how to change them exactly so that it shows the loading players etc, but it has to do with that.
Level 23
Nov 29, 2006
Meh guys, ofc there is a way. Nothing is impossible(?).

First, if you open the map in the editor and then go to the Map properties screen, make sure that "use default loading screen" is checked.

(Make sure all 4 parts of the loading screen are using .blp format)
When you import the parts, make sure you replace the parts to the following parts
UI\Glues\Loading\Multiplayer\[replaceable name here].blp

Now, the paths I've underlined will always contain on every screen, no matter what race you have chosen. The other ones are changing determinated on that.

To fix this easily, you could
A) change all the "playing" players races to have the same one at the beginning.
B) override all the parts with same corresponding images, but it will probably end up by taking too much space of your map.

UHm and well, this is perhaps what you wanted ._.?
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