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Atomic Bomberman Version 1.04

Submitted by GLB
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game
<<< Atomic Bomberman (Up-date: Version 1.04) >>>

The Map
Map size: ~330k
Map type: mini-game
Map genre: arena
Max. player number: 12

The Game
Bomberman's gameplay is quite known. You have control of a little guy that drops bombs in order to kill other little guys. In this map, it's actually the same. From version 1.02 on, there will be 3 game modes: "Last Man Standing", "Best Bomber" and "Blow him up!".

Game Mode: Best Bomber
In this game mode, you gain 3 points for each kill and you lose 1 point when you die. The game's goal is to reach first the required number of points, the host had set at the beginning of the game. You will revive 10 seconds after death.

Game Mode: Last Man Standing
You will not revive after death. The host sets the number of rounds you have to win for victory. The goal is to survive as long as possible. The last bomberman in the arena wins the round and gets 1 point.

Game Mode: Blow him up!
This is perhaps the hardest game mode. There is little penguin you have to get in your bomberman's inventory. As long as your bomberman carries that penguin, you lose one point. When you have no more points, you win the game. The fact that all players fight more or less against one player makes that game mode so hard.

-> It's just a little mini-game. Nothing special, but quite weird and funny, foremost when you play with a lot of people.

-> The arena is randomly created.

-> At the moment 2 diffirent arenas. More will be coming!

-> Your bomberman can pick up bonuses that increase the explosion range of his bombs or that give him additional bombs. Furthermore, there are 10 special powers. A bomberman can have up to 4 diffirent special powers at the same time and up to 3 charges of each power. Of course, using a power decrease its charge and when there rest no more charges, the bomberman loses this power.

-> The arena is covered with rocks (or barrels). There are two types of rocks: Stone Rocks (or barlles) and Iron Rocks (or soils). Stone rocks can be destroyed by explosions due to dropped bombs. Iron rocks can't be destroyed. Therefore, they are really useful to protect one-self from explosions.

-> You start the game with a little helicopter. That helicopter will spawn your bomberman. You can't see the other helicopters, thus, you don't know where the other bombermen will spawn. When you bomberman dies, the helicopter will reappear and you can chose your revival-place.

-> A little air ship flies regulary over the arena to drop bombs or presents

Special powers and In-Game Screenshots

Here's a list of the bonuses and powers:
[​IMG] Grants your bomberman an additional bomb.

[​IMG] Increases the range of your bombs.

[​IMG] Calls 2 air ships that will fly over the arena and drop bombs or presents.

[​IMG] Teleports your hero to any place within the arena! But you can't leave the arena! If target place is covered with stone rocks, they will be destroyed. Does have no effect on iron rocks.

[​IMG] Makes your bomberman invisible for 10 seconds.

[​IMG] Creates a "cloak of burden" in target bomberman's inventory. That item will decrease the explosion range of that bomberman's bombs by 10! He cannot drop the cloak of burden. Cloak of burden disappears when the bomberman carrying the cloak of burden has dropped 10 bombs or when he dies.

[​IMG] The next bomb you will drop has six fire streams instead of four.

[​IMG] Up to 3 stone rocks will fall down upon target area. Bombermen that stand within that area may get squashed.

[​IMG] Your bomberman casts a little rocket upon target hero and stuns him for 3 seconds.

[​IMG] Switches the positions between your bomberman and target bomberman.

[​IMG] Enables your bomberman to throw a nearby dropped bomb into target direction.

And here are some (new) In-Game Screenshots, unfortunatly I am playing alone :-(

The Barrel-Arena



The Rocky Arena


Version and Up-dates

Version 1.03
Monster Up-date ^^
-> explosion bug fixed (initialy base on integers, now on dummies)
-> rockes were replaced by soils and barrels
-> less doodadas
-> new spell "Rope" (Binds a bomb or a bomberman and pulls him or it towards your bomberman
-> Hurry-Up integrated in "Last-Man-Standing" (hurry up fiels up the arena with barrles after a certain time. Bombermen may be squashed by those barrels
-> "bashed Player X" bug fixed (now "Player X was killed by neutral")
-> bombs have their own collision size (= now, they are obstacles)

Version 1.04

-> 2 diffirent arenas (rocky arena, barrel arena)
-> Host can set the probability that item will spawn
-> one new power spell: controled explosions (makes all your bombs explode)
-> one new item: boots (+100% movement speed for 5 seconds)
-> one standart spell: bash (=knockbacking bombs and bombermen)
-> bombs have no collision size (they aren't osbtacles any more), this was done, 'cause there was a lot of problems
-> Hurry-Up was improved (now, it's really like in the original bomberman)
-> some little bugs were fixed

Editor's Note
I hope you gonna have lots of fun with that little mini game. Don't be too hard with critics, for its only a mini-game that I made in some hours, but it's really funny. If you find any bugs or errors, don't hesitate to tell me. The same for improvement ideas.

bomberman, mini-game, minigame, mini game, fun, arena, bomb, bombs, last man standing,

Atomic Bomberman Version 1.04 (Map)

15:08, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
  1. 15:08, 13th Aug 2010
    ap0calypse: Approved
  2. RaidonGod


    Oct 7, 2008
    fiiiiirst! :D
    nice map though. I like this concept, bomberman has ruled always. :D
    keep up this map. had a lot of fun on b.net :D
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2010
  3. Herian


    Jun 27, 2009
    Emm, hi.
    I haven't tested the map yet.. But.. As I see in the pictures you put, the map is not english? If not, maybe you can make an english version..
  4. RaidonGod


    Oct 7, 2008
    öööhm the map is english. he just uses a german version of War3 just like me. :)
    if you don't change the standart expressions of words they will be translated automaticly. e.g. *Kraft => Strengh* or *Rüstung => Defence/Armor[dunno, never used english war3 :D]*
    got it? if not test it before post. :3
    and I can say, this map is awesome. entertained me for about 30 ~ 45 mins. :)
    nice one. :D
  5. GLB


    Jan 30, 2009
    @herian: ehm... picture? did you mean screenshots? The map is totally in english (with some typos ^^) it's only my warcraft version that is in fucking german lol... but the map is in english don't worry! I usually respect hive workshop's rules

    @RaidonGod: thx! I will keep it up ^^
  6. GLB


    Jan 30, 2009
    Here we go. A new version with 3 game modes. Last man standing is also included! I hope, you will have fun!
  7. Drenferalis


    Dec 30, 2009
    AI would be nice, If you need someone who can do AI work let me know, I'm not GREAT at it but I can do it. Better than playing with yourself. *snicker* no pun intended.

    EDIT: Review:
    Review 2

    Playability: 7/10

    Fun. More spells would give this a 10. Something like timed bombs.

    Originality: 9/10

    Still can't give you 10. Still taking the idea from another game. Unless you do something drastic to make it seem like it isnt bomberman this rating wont change.

    Aesthetics: 8/10

    Much better, barrels seem a little big.

    Bugs: 9/10

    If you kill someone with 4 bombs all in a line and they are stuck next to the first bomb all 4 bombs kill that unit and give the killing unit 4 kills. Thats the only bug I found.

    Overall: 33/40

    |||||||||| <- Playability
    |||||||||| <- Originality
    |||||||||| <- Aesthetics
    |||||||||| <- Bugs
    |||||||||| <- Overall

    33/40 = 4.125/5 = 4/5
    Much better than before, has much room for improvement. 4/5. No vote for rejection/approval as there is still 1 bug but that's not enough to reject the map. Seems to still be a WIP.
    PM me for another review if needed. Score changed.

    Last edited: Feb 27, 2010
  8. Darkgamma


    Jan 17, 2009
    Yabble yabble, this is a minigame, idiot :p
    It's SUPPOSED to be multiplayer, and visuals are :hohum: okay, I dare say.
    Game rip-off?
    It's perfectly playable, and you're an asocial freak if you keep playing the thing in S-Player.

    "Lacks the edge of customisation" - WTF does that mean?

    I'd rate it 4/5, since I DID test it in multi, next time, try not to act smart, it's kinda overrated and cliché :slp:
  9. GLB


    Jan 30, 2009
    @Drenferalis: Thx for your review... I will pm you for the new version
    @Darkgamma: haha true... it's supposed to be played by more than 1 player. Perhaps I will add an AI

    Here we go! My new version. I hope you will like. I fixed a lot of bugs. Have fun!
  10. Herian


    Jun 27, 2009
    Oh I understand. So it's your Wc3 that is in german ^^
    Well, gonna test it as soon as I can, sounds really nice.
  11. duke-zip


    Jul 20, 2008
    omgod BOMBBERMAN the old bomberman maps no longer work i have high hopes for this one!!!
  12. Cweener


    Oct 10, 2009
  13. Dj0z


    Oct 16, 2008
    -Feels just like the original Bomberman
    -Extremely fun to play with friends
    -Bonuses, powers, settings at start and all these things are wisely chosen
    -Simple, intuitive

    -Maybe add somewhere in multiboard or in the hero, your own bomb stats and maybe the other's too (power, "additional bombs" )

    -Could use better graphics
    -Change model to a goblin carrying explosives, there are plenty. Or make a bomberman one, or use the Gob-Omb one.
    -Add different camera views incase there aren't already (especially camera from directly above)
    -Switch is pure imba, i suggest giving it a casting time
    -Many bugs with the ankh, you should trigger its effect for better handling

    4/5 +rep
  14. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    Yeah I agree. Make the camera arcade like perhaps by default?