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Ashenvale Forest

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

Ashenvale Forest

A little terrain for my current project, it's set in Ashenvale and I decided to post the terrain up for anyone to use if they can find use for it, it has a road that snakes through it and branches off at several places into small clearings, there's animals, at the camp at the mid-north of the map there is a dismembered corpse and a dog eating on it, to the far west, a little way from the road there is a rock cluster with mushrooms and faeries. There are two statues in the woods, the huntress is nearly sunken all the way, to the east there is a little bit of water, kind of like a back-flow to a pond.







Credits to UTM for the animated grass model and the blue light.


- Added lots of trees
- Added lots of flowers
- Added some more animals
- Removed 'camps', except the trashed cage, trashed fire pit and wolf at the corpse in the north
- Removed a Keeper statue.
Ashevale, Forest, Terrain, Template

Ashenvale Forest (Map)

12:22, 10th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected Simple terrain map, sorry we want unique stuff.




12:22, 10th Jun 2011
Status: Rejected
Simple terrain map, sorry we want unique stuff.
Remove '.w3x' from the map name.
You don't need to put this 'Map Specifications
Size: 96x96
Tileset: Ashenvale' in the description, that's already written next to the preview image.
Add some screenshots, especially since it's a terrain template and people would love to see the terrain through some screenshots first before going into details.¨

If you're not too busy, add a bigger title to the description, using BB codes.

Even though I'm not an amazing terrainer - surprise :ogre_datass: - I think you should add a lot more trees, since the ashenvale forest is really filled with trees and there aren't a lot of open spots. Also how about more flowers and remove those tools, they don't even fit.


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Level 7
Dec 26, 2010
Vengeancekael, I added trees and flowers like you said and removed the camps, though I'm not sure how to remove the '.w3x' from it, is it something in the map I need to change to remove that? Also I'm trying to upload screenshots but when you have horrible internet sometimes it doesn't always work, but I'll get them there soon enough.

DeathChef, None taken, we all have to start somewhere, guess you could call this a test for myself, looks like I failed it miserably.