Ashenvale Forest Defence v1.6

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

DeathChef Presents!

Ashenvale Forest Defence v1.6

One day you were walking through the forest with your friends on a nice day when
you and your friend found the legendary Titan of Ashenvale Forest and his hidden
Stash of Legendary gold and got captured and got ready to be eaten for stealing the
sacret gold from the Legendary Titan.

to escape and survive the wrath of the Titan and not die.

There are 12 Runners to choose out of and 4 Titans.

The Runners are hard for total nubs to play with because at the start you have
to work fast to survive and the Titan is easy to use except if you die!


The basics of being a Runner
This game should be an easy game to learn and is quite easy
to play.The first thing you have to do is pick a Runner(It doesn't
matter wich one this game just has different moduling just for much
more fun) then you build 4-5 Lumber Mills close enough to trees to
get faster income, build 2-4 layers of barricades in front of your base
with atleast a one space so you can get out of your base, build as many
towers untill the towers range can not attack whatever is infront of your
base and build a Research Center for upgrades and you should find the
rest out yourself. If you need more help read the tooltips.

Now for the basics of the Titan
This game should be easy to learn with a Titan as from you just gotta try
to kill your enemys base and try to get to kill the Runners and you gain gold
for attacking buildings and you use that gold for buying items and leveling
up to destroy the Runners bases.

Hope you injoy the latest with heaps of bug fixes:D
  1. Fully fixed the Team Board and is working perfectly.
  2. Swiched the Wood for display of the Players Level for the Titans Team, Team Board.
  3. Made it so that if a player has left and he ownes a runner his recources dont get given out to his allies so he can still be used ingame for building.
  4. Fixed how full shared unit controll gets taken away from a player on the Titans Team if another players Runner dies.
  5. Fixed if a Runner is holding the full amount of gold held and the research Improve gold stealing that Runner can continue stealing to the next max gold held before having to store/gain the gold first.
  6. The Recourse Center can now only select Units with an inventory to buy items(instead of building which couldn't buy items).
  7. Changed the reward for killing a Titans minion to 8 gold/Titan to 16 gold.
  8. Decreased how strong the Titans Minions are for better balance.
  9. Changed the lumber Harversters HP Regeneration to 0.25.
  10. Did some other Minor adjustments to the map..
  1. A Recourse Center has been added to trade resources, drop resources and gain resources.
  2. A thew changes have been done to the Runners ability's to balance.
  3. You now have to destroy your buildings using your Runners Destroy Building ability.
  4. Your Runner has to get the Recourse items from the Recourse Center to drop resources.
  5. There are now little hiding spaces and escape spots you can run through now.
  6. All people can now steal at once but have to return it to your Gold Sealers Vault.
  7. There are many new upgrades in the Research Center.
  8. Lumber Harvesting upgrade has been moved to the Recourse Center.
  9. Items have been balanced out for the Titan.
  10. Scroll of Teleportation now works for the Titan.
  11. You now Gain Gold for killing the Titan and his minions.
  12. The Story line now makes scene and is much better.
  13. An extra upgrade has been added to the Barricades.
  14. I think the Preview Screen is better.
  15. You can not take damage from and to your allies.
  16. known Bugs have been fixed.
  17. Towers can be built a bit more faster.
  18. The game it self is funner and a bit more challenging.
  1. The building for the Runners cost a bit more for balancing but recorce centre is lower.
  2. The ability entangling roots time lasting has been lowered.
  3. A thew descriptions have been fixed for buildings and an upgrade.

  1. If the Titan dies once he comes back with 2000 HP instead of 500.
  2. There is no delay in the wood turning into gold for the minions pillage.
  3. when one of you allies goes observer you dont see what they see.
  4. Grammer mestakes have been fixed.
  5. more people like and love this map.
  6. Titans a bit more stronger for balancing.
  7. some bugs have been fixed.
  8. A few thinks have been changed in the terrain.
  9. file size has been decreased slitely.

  1. Terrain changed to proper Ashenvale terrain.
  2. All bugs should now be fixed.
  3. New unit, Resurection Stone used for reviving dead Titans Minions.
  4. Fatal error problem should now be fixed.
  5. Map now protected for better game play.
  6. Titans Minions can now not get stuck in seeds.

  1. The Titans Minions can now resurrect other minions but not when Titan is dead.
  2. Abilities balanced.
  3. Terrain improved epically.
  4. Runner turns into a minion if he/she dies from Land Mines.
  5. All Runners can now trade Lumber for Gold and Gold for Lumber at any Resource Center.
  6. Shorted and fixed triggers.
  7. Removed lock camera at start of the game.
  8. Items Balanced.
  9. Changed unit sizes to look better and Recources Build sixe to 4x4

  1. Give out resources from left player now works.
  2. Revive Minions re fixed.
  3. Fixed and shortened triggers (Epically reduced triggers for gold stealing)


  1. Fixed Spiked Barricade Upgrade.
  2. Fixed all the discriptions for everything.
  3. Changed some Lumber Harvesters models.
  4. Terrain greatly improved
  5. You can't get 2 Runners anymore (even though I dont know how they did it).
  6. Lots of extra gold should be fixed.
  7. Refixed how much gold you can carry amount

  1. Fixed heaps bugs/glitches
  2. Increased the map size and improved the terrain
  3. Made it so Titan actualy spawns when the Titan Spawn Timer expires (If there is a Titan).
  4. Added a Team Board(Muliboard) to see whos on whos team and to see your Teams recources easily and other things.


  1. fixed how the Team Board gets messy.
  2. fixed the typing comands.
  3. Slightly changed the terrain.
  4. slightly tuned the map in some areas.
  1. DeathChef for making the map on his own from start to now.
  2. The Hive Workshop
  3. 3ice for the wc3 map optimiser
  4. Pyritie for the wc3 coloriser

human chaos, combat 123321, TeKnO_RoCkEr,lightbolt30,
zconx3, soysoy!!, ScaRKnighT..., samsu 410, pwetpwet11,
suriyasak, Mathew Ma13337, GODOFVAMPIRES,
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L33T, SickNTwisted, Macattack1080, blackicecream,
~sinz, SdeathreaperS and kneonchicken.
Those are the account names of the people
that I do beta testing with

If you want to know when I'm playing WarCraft 3 on the internet I'm most
usually playing in Garena Ociania RPG room 1/2
during the later day(in AU time).
Email:[email protected]
Or just pm me or qoute on my map

All criticism, bug report and
suggestions welcome

Ashenvale, Forest, Defence, v1.6, war, tag, game, tag-game

Ashenvale Forest Defence v1.6 (Map)

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Level 7
Jan 9, 2010
i did xD and it'z awesome 5/5 + apro + rep :3
1. description ok but lacks screenshots
2. im even worse at terraining, so no complaints here
3. didnt see any bugs
4. not much ideas since titans are varied and not imbalanced
5. ^^^^^^^^^
8. i play in Malaysia RPG Room 1 but i never saw you around - strange
9. uhm well it shows the map's name thats all i ask for lol...tho i think if the titan is inside it would look better
IMO this map is good, just not very original, so i can give a 4/5 for now
Last edited:
sorry I forgot to say Oceania RPG room 1 or 2 because im actually an Australian so anyway thx much for hosting it and if you thought it was good.
can somoene plz tell me what they want to see in the screen shots.

And another thing can someone please give my map another rating because i put all the effort of updating this map and noone reply to me in 1-2 months and will be highly apriciated with +rep.
Last edited:
Level 16
Jan 31, 2009
any chance of getting help for AI editor as from you cant use custom units in the AI editor someone please me and also can someone review my map again is been a bit quiet lately.

Please be more clear in your post, I currently have a poor knowledge of what you're trying to say here. Also about the AI editor, that's more for melee maps and altered melee. If you're trying to make AI for custom maps then you'll need to trigger it yourself.


Ashenvale Forest Defence v1.4b
Created by DeathChef ; Uploaded by: DeathChef

Map Presentation, credit's are ok!

Terrain has been improved, terrain at first place, look cool this way!
Still you miss some doodads like rocks or special effect/lightning doodads!

I checked script and didn't see any leak cleaning function (RemoveLocation, wantDestroy for example...)
Still map is simple so leaks don't create big problem as well as because there is no custom spells or systems!

OK now about gameplay, I like idea, but somehow I think that is terrain really small, you should increase it's size by double and add a lot more hidden places as well as corridors between them!

I wasn't able to harvest gold? And this is problem, some buildings as well as upgrades cost gold!
Fix this error and I will approve map!

Map status: Rejected (until updated)
Have a nice day!

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