[Strategy / Risk] Aschy's Arena

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Jan 23, 2008

Designed & Created by Aschy
Version 1.1d Alpha
Game Type: Strategy / AOS
Players: 12
Completion: 13% but completely playable as it would be beta


A long, long time ago in this galaxy.. I think.. I started this map with the intention of creating a unique map type, and hopefully it still is. So let me explain elements that influenced the creation of this map.

At first my idea was to create a Dynasty Warriors type map because its game style seemed like the original idea I wanted. Then I realized if I made a map exactly like that game it wasn't going to have the feel that I desired, because when I started this map DOTA was in its earlier stages and also influenced the style. However I went ahead with it anyway and started creating gates like in the Dynasty Warriors games. After some mapping and thinking I realized to counter the "bad feel" I would decide not to add any preexisting units like the DW games, and Aschy's Arena started to take shape.


This version of Aschy's Arena has 2 teams, that consist of 2 different types of players. The first type I named the General Hero Players, and a second type called the Hero Players. Much like in DOTA the Hero Players control a single hero to help aid the battle. Where as the General Hero Players would be like the actual team that is controlling the waves of troops.

First of all there is only 2 General Players, and only 1 for each team. The game starts off and each General Player Controls 3 static gates each and one permanent gate each. These "Gates" have a guardian called a "Gate Captain" which is the heart and soul of the gate, his death means that your team losses that gate. In addition to that; gates are required to spawn troops, so the more gates you have the faster your troops spawn. General Players also get a bunch of researches/techs to choose from that allow them to upgrade their waves and increase productivity of the gates. Also like the Hero Players General Players get heroes to aid the battle but General Players don't get to run around the battle field they are set in their own area that they cannot leave. However they just aren't for buying additional troops and techs, they have abilities that can change the tide of battle or aid the troops on the battlefield.

Secondly there is 5 Hero Players per team, and just like DOTA they thrive on killing low health units, ganking other heroes and good old creeping. They are completely support they can buy no units, no techs, etc.

Victory is obtained when a team gets to its enemy's permanent gate and kills the Avatar (It looks like a Altar of Hero's from that race) located by it.


Game Basics
-The First Non-computer detected becomes the Host, they must choose the game mode within 25 seconds of the start of the game or it defaults to all pick. Game modes: " -All Pick " , " -All Random "
-Kill the enemy Team's Avatar to win the game. (Player 1's located top right, Player 2's located bottom left its health is determined by the General Hero Player's Heroes health)
-Units spawn every 60 seconds.
-Units orders go out every 30 seconds.
-Player 1 and 2 are called General Hero Players.(Specific Player Type)
-Players 3+ are called Hero Players.(Specific Player Type)
-A Player Transmission is a setting that Player 1 and 2 have that determines how unit orders are calculated. (Default is Defend or Attack)
-Hero Player's heroes re spawn at the gate near their teams Avatar.
-Kill Player 1's or Player 2's units to gain gold

Gate Basics
-Gates spawn troops
-Kill enemy Captains to capture gates.(Gate Captains are just strong units near that gates that cannot leave the proximity of the gate)

General Hero Player Basics (Player 1[Red] and 2[Blue])

General Hero Players have many responsibilities they control the units spawned, upgrade units and techs, aid them with abilities, and can quickly change the tide of the game. They control 1 hero each that they choose at the beginning of the game, however these heroes are not placed in the battlefield where their troops and friendly heroes are place. These General Heroes are exiled to a safe location, Player 1's is located top left and Player 2's is located bottom right. There are 5 types of buildings you will need to understand how to use to be an effective General. In addition to that keep in mind that your default Player Transmission(Lets abbreviate it PTran) is attack or defend.

First let me explain the Gate Order Building or the Gate Order Flag(It looks like a human flag/banner that has a grayish black background). This Gate Order Flag is used as a way to control unit groups or all of your units quickly just steps away from your General Hero. You will notice that all the Gate Order Flags have a name of a gate beside them, this tells you what gate group that Gate Order Flag controls(Besides the one that says All Unit Control, this one controls all the units you own). Also when you select one of these Gate Order Flags there are 8 icons each with a different name, the names are of gates all around the map. Selecting the icon "Attack Gate 6" from the building Gate Order Flag of Gate 1 will get all of the units that have spawned from Gate 1 to attack move to Gate 6(Criss Cross, Vice Versa for the others). These orders can be issued even if your PTran is not set to Manual or Semi-Manual, but there is one golden rule to remember if your not set to one of those PTrans: Unit orders are updated every 30 seconds, so if your PTran is not a manual type then your orders will be overwritten at that time.


Second Ill explain the Settings Sign. You will notice that there is a floating text with the captain "Attack or Defend" and it is right by a Sign, this is your Settings Sign. Here if you select the unit you can change your PTran to your preference; which include Rush, Random, Semi-Manual and Defend or Attack by selecting the appropriate icon. This will change how the unit orders are calculated every 30 seconds.

Rush - Picks the opponents weakest known gate and tells all units to attack it.
Random - Picks a random gate for units to attack.
Semi-Manual - Is a manual type of transmission that saves the last order you gave that gate and reinforces every 30 seconds until you manually change it.
Defend or Attack - Attacks the opponents weakest gate if your army is large enough, if not your army retreats to the weakest gate to defend it.
Manual - No unit order updates, you must control every order given to units.


Thirdly Ill explain two similar units the Reinforcement Officer and the Training Officer. The Reinforcement Officer provides various techs for the war effort, and the Training Officer only provides upgrades for units and spells.

Reinforcement Officer

Training Officer

Fourth there is a Recruitment Officer, there you can buy additional units for your army. Where they spawn is based off the name of the gate that is in proximity to them.


Lastly there is a large building called a General Hero Merchant. This building supplies tomes and items to the General Hero for minor upgrades.


These are all the basics you need to know to play a General Hero Player. You can find more pictures in the Screenies section to help you clarify ideas or to put a face to the idea.


Hero Players (Players 3-12)

Your only responsibility is to help your ally General Hero Player in defeating the opponents Avatar and Gates. You can find places to buy items around the map to upgrade your Hero's stats.

Avatar - A building at the top right for player 1 and bottom left for player 2 is a building with linked health to the General Hero Player. When this unit dies your team loses.

Gate - A gate consists of a portal and a captain. If your General Hero Player owns the gate, there will be a captain of his colour and ownership beside the portal. The gates spawn units according to the owner, owner's race and tech level.

Gate Captain - A Unit that protects and is a place holder for the Gate. When this unit dies your team loses that "Gate". The Human Gate Captain is called a "Captain" and the Undead version is called a "Obsidian Statue"

Gate Order Flag - A Building that controls a gate groups orders or can control all the units on the map for that player. See Gate Order Flag in How to Play.

General Hero Player - Players 1 and 2 or Red and Blue. These players control the spawned units, and the techs that are involved with their race. They control most of this through their General Hero or General.

General Hero - Or General is a hero that is exiled to a safe point on the map that allows for upgrading of that forces troops, sending of unit commands and upgrading of that hero. This units health is linked to the Avatar, when the Avatar dies your team loses the game.

Hero Player - Players 3 to 12. These players control a single hero, to aid their team.

Hero - A special unit that can gain levels up to level 14 by killing units.

Recruitment Officer - A unit that sells extra troops for a General Hero Player to buy.

Reinforcement Officer - A unit that sells various techs for a General Hero Player.

Training Officer - A unit that sells techs for units and spells for a General Hero Player.

Settings Sign - Or Settings or Settings Board. Is a building that looks like a sign, and controls what your General Hero Player Transmission is set to.

Transmission - This is a setting that General Hero Players have, its default is Defend or Attack. This transmission calculates how orders are sent out to units. For Example if its set to "Rush" then it will always send orders to all units to attack your opponents weakest gate. Each icon in the Settings Sign explains its Transmission. Transmissions: Rush, Random, Semi-Manual, Defend or Attack.


Current Features

-2 General Player races with 100% planned Techs (Human & Undead / I may change up the techs and the amounts in the future for balancing/changing the Race Style)
-3 General Player heroes types (4th Wing Captain, Stealth General, East General their skills also are not written in stone)
-4 Different "Transmissions" for the General Player "Rush, Random, Manual, Defend or Attack" (Currently there is no custom made AI for General Players for their troops, so if a computer is selected for a General Player they will be constantly in the Defend or Attack transmission. This will be similar triggering to what there final custom made AI will do.
-All standard Blizzard heroes with a couple campaign heroes and 1 custom hero(Hero Players have a simple custom AI, similar to the General Player they use the same targets for defense or attack but they will retreat now if a nearby group is to powerful for them to attack. They also will flee to a nearby health fountain if they become injured)
-All the melee race item shops, goblin merchant, custom quality items merchant, custom special items merchant (In the future I may make item combinations and some items in the special items merchant need cost balancing)

Current Future Plans and Progress

2/4 4 Races to be planned with Orc to be next (Human, Orc, Undead, Night Elf. As of version 1.1 there now is the Undead Race)
4/10 At least 10 General Player hero types
12/100% Custom Hero/ General Player AI (Completely new triggers that handle targets and major additions to Hero Players computer AI)
0/100% Item Combinations
5/100% Custom Hero Player Heroes
0/100% Triggered Abilities
4/7+ A Large variety of transmissions for General Players (As of version 1.1 there now is a defend or attack)
0/100% Custom Gold System
0/100% Custom Experience System(This is a maybe)
0/100% System for use of lumber(Not thought a whole lot about this yet, but atm lumber doesn't do anything!
DONE: 1/1 Different Victory Condition Target (Changed to a building with health equal to your General Player Hero)

And once this game is at a appropriate enough completion, it will be easily imported into different maps so this blizzard terrain of Dark Forest wont be the only one.


If you wish to contribute these are links to the Project Recruitment Thread or Idea Factory.
























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Jan 23, 2008
Release v1.1

Release v1.1
Scourge of the Arena

Thursday May 22nd at 12:42AM
I am happy to announce the second release of the v1 alpha of Aschy's Arena. As promised there is now a second race, the undead scourge. I hope everyone has as much fun playing them as I had creating them.

Any way lets get down to the nitty-gritty of the release. The new race contains 8 new unit types, a new tech tree, new officers and new gate captains (The undead version don't have the name captain). 2-Along with the exciting new race I have changed a ton of game play triggers around like the addition of the General Player Transmission "Defend or Attack" (This transmission determines if the troops would be better used defending or attacking which is now the default transmission for computer AI). 3- The hero computer Hero players AI is also based on this same function but they also now have the ability to determine if a nearby group is to powerful for them to fight with the surrounding ally group. 4- The manual gate order functions have also been moved (Previously in v.1 they where at there corresponding gate in the form of a flag. Now they still have the same model but they have been moved the position of the general players hero specifically right beside there corresponding recruitment officer, for easier and quicker manual commanding of troops. 5- By the gate order flags and the recruitment officer there is some info about each gate like its name, and the amount of troops in each of the unit groups. 6- The victory condition has been changed from a hero to a building that represents the health of its corresponding general player hero. 7- Item costs in the special item vendor have been quickly balanced. 8- Absolutely so many minor changes I can't remember them all.

But for the sake of people who don't want to read that story or couldn't decode the information here is a quick list of the things I have changed

V1.1 Release Change Log

Completely New Features
  1. New Race (Undead that includes 8 unit types, a tech tree, and a basic AI for undead computers)
  2. A New General Player Transmission (Defend or Attack)
  3. Over Hauled Hero Player AI (Based on Defend or Attack & Flees if a nearby group is to powerful if they don't have support
  4. Change of the General Hero Players Area (Addition of Gate orders just steps away from the Heroes, and gate info for separate gates for easily deciding what to do with orders)
  5. A New Victory Condition (A building called an avatar has been added that mirrors your General Players Hero's health)

Balanced and Fixed Features
  • Special Item Vendors items have been quickly balanced
  • North and South Gate Captains can no longer be permanently killed
  • Divine Shield, Starfall (East General), Troop Ambush and Vampiric Aura have been balanced
  • Owl Scout (Stealth General) now properly is teleported to the North or South gate apon summoning
  • Units purchased at a gate specific Recruitment Officer now spawn at there proper gates
  • And much much more

I will add screenshots to explain each of these new additions asap. I also uploaded v1.1 earlier today, if anyone downloaded it earlier download it again as the current DL is the most current. Sorry for the inconvenience later fixes will be noted with more warning. I also will add a quick how to play guide on this forum and in game

Thank you very much for your interest Garodar, I hope you enjoyed the v1 and I hope you will give me some wonderful criticism on it as well! Also try out v1.1 it has already made me cry (Figuratively of course!). Thanks again Aschy












Release v1.1a
Scourge of the Arena - Fix 1
Thursday May 22nd at 6:07pm

I have released a quick fix for some problems I had seen arise while testing.

V1.1a Release Change Log

  1. There have been fixes to the gate commands text to properly stop spamming
  2. When you or a computer are set to attack or defend have been reduced to just a permanent gate (When you have 0 gates) the units will now properly sit at the avatar until you have enough troops to retaliate.
  3. Small changes and fixes to the Computer Hero Player AI's so that they are a little bit more intelligent
  4. Divine Shields learning tool tip now properly identifies just how long it will last per level
  5. Increased the mana cost of Raise the Dead Spell for balancing
  6. Doubled the damage of spirit towers until further notice
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Jan 23, 2008
Fix 2 v1.1b

Release v1.1b
Scourge of the Arena - Fix 2
Thursday May 24th at 12:11am

I have released another quick fix for some problems I had seen arise while testing. Sorry for the bump but I need some input :p ! The reason I didn't do more or wait longer to release was because I wont be doing very much in the next little while and this is the current fix I have to show for the project.

Q: Please does anyone know is this project at least a little unique or is there ones exactly like it?

V1.1b Release Change Log

New Additions
  1. A new General Player Hero has been added "Revenant of Crowns" (Sorry no triggered abilities yet, but he is unique from the rest).
  2. A tome and item vendor has been added to the General Player Hero area

  1. There have been more fixes to the gate commands text to properly stop spamming
  2. More fixing to comp hero player AI specifically force 2
  3. Sylvanas's multiboard icon has been hopefully fixed for the second time


Release v1.1c
Scourge of the Arena - Fix 3
Thursday May 28th at 12:24am

I have released another quick fix for some problems I had seen arise while testing. I have currently fixed enough that it any bugs shouldn't interfere with game play. If you feel a incomplete feature, complete feature or a bug is interfering with game play please tell me. I will bump this thread with a Release when I feel that I have fixed enough.

V1.1c Release Change Log

New Additions
  1. Added some bridges to Gate 1 and Gate 6 (These may be temporary, or I may add more)

  1. Changes to the Revenant of Crowns so that he now costs 0 gold, 0 lumber, 0 food to buy plus his stock number, stock times and icons are appropriate
  2. Completely rewrote the triggers handling Semi-Manual commands and Manual commands in general
  3. Even more fixes to spam from Gate Orders (Now you can only receive Gate Order messages every 7 seconds, or every 30 seconds if no changes have been made)
  4. Fixed South Force AI heroes from retreating instead of attacking when North Force starts retreating
  5. Fixed the food cost for Riflemen and Thunder Hawks

Current Known Bugs
  1. Rush and Defend and Attacks game messages don't display every wave
  2. All unit command Gate Order doesn't work first click sometimes, possibly specific ones as well but not encountered yet.
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Jan 23, 2008
Release v1.1d

Release v1.1d
Scourge of the Arena - Fix 4
Wensday June 11th at 1:15pm

I have released another quick fix for some problems I had seen arise while testing. I have done a massive change to all triggers, in the way of variables more information below.

V1.1d Release Change Log

New Additions
  1. A mode system, when starting the game you now can choose either the mode All Pick or All Random( "-All Pick" "-AP" "-All Random" "-AR" More information on the commands is in the quest tab in game)
  2. Information on commands(Like all pick, all random, etc) and how to play the game is available via the quest log in game and this thread at the top in the "Game Play" tab (If all pick is chosen and you still want a random hero type "-random")

  1. Huge changes to triggers variables(All loops now have variable instead of "Integer A" "Integer B". Picked Units, Triggering Units now all are declared only once to increase read/write speed. Split up of some triggers and or rewritten most or all of the gui for increased performance, simplicity and to fix some bugs. Renamed man variables for simplicity and to better represent there function.)
  2. Terrain preparation for v1.2 (Will include more health and mana fountains and possible safe zones and item vendors near avatar gates for heroes.)
  3. Balancing to some heroes stats and spells
  4. Balancing to tower areas and Avatar Gate Region (Additions of trees, barricades, and cliffs to ensure that unwanted access or easy access has been fixed.)
  5. Huge rewrite to the message system

Current Known Bugs
  1. Player 2's message system doesn't fire properly sometimes. Player 1's however seems to work 99% (Working on it)
  2. All unit command Gate Order doesn't work first click sometimes. (Working on it, this problem still acts as it did in v1.1c. To counter act it press the attack gate icon 2 or 3 times, the message system is at least accurate so you can tell what gate group is going to attack which gate. It appears that specific Gate Order Flags work properly.)

Questions I could use answers to:

1. Is this game or thread to complicated to understand?

2. Are names of units to confusing?

3. Still need to know, how original is this project?