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Warning - Hi-Res.
Path - Textures\Arthas.blp

A demonic arthas, this skin is at 200%
size so is slightly larger than normal.
This is due to the high detail I wanted
to get, though feel free to shrink it
if you want.

The only CnP is the hammer's haft, and
this comes from the campaign screen
footman's sword handle.


Arthas, Demon, Purple people eater

ArthasDemon (Texture)

THE_END: Eh, a neat skin for Arthas
Level 3
Nov 22, 2004
Well, first off, the small "lightning stripes" are very fine detailed, but, the colors aren't very suitable for a demon (mainly the blue and purple are not efficient enough; the red armor is very good.)
Overall I must say it lacks blandness :) , but a little too harsh colors for a demon :? .
Level 12
May 27, 2004
Thanks Eusira, nice comment there. The breastplate (and other red armor areas) are supposed to be cooled magma (like gems basically)... :D
It's not really hair :wink:
I consider 4.7/5 fantastic, thanks again.

Thanks ninja-khan, appreciated comment. One of the eradar is purple remember. I like the lacks blandness comment :D , quite amusing. Harsh colours is a fair point, but I wanted him to stand out.
Level 8
Oct 2, 2004
Demons are purple, but I don''t think purple works here. The red and purple combination is kinda hard on the eyes. And the blue... fix that too.

Detail and skin are nice, but I don't think the colors fit.
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
it could be shrinked back to 100% without any important loss of details..i dont see any small details anyway.
the skin seems a bit confusing, you could definite the textures on his chest plate a bit better. i dont know if its some heated material, magma or simply an orange suit. you could've avoided the symmetric armor and do something more interesting.
watch out the hammer's metal part, it doesnt look like metal enough. the face is one of the most expressive part and it requires a lot of details..but it doesnt mean you should give him extreme cheeks. there is a lot of bluriness in the face, try to sharp it more, and add more details on the road.
Level 12
May 27, 2004
Black label - It's a demon, I never said anything about Nelves. :?

Psychomagnataur - What would you suggest?? I went for red, purple and blue as they are a spectrum of colours. :?

LordSephiroth - Thanks, I think... :)

Wormskull - Good points, I could shrink it back down, but I decided to leave it to the user's descretion, so left it in the larger size.
In this case I decided not to have asymetrical armor as I felt that it would look better.
I take the point about the cheeks, the first highlight should be broader, so smaller recesses, will take into acount next time around.
The armor is crystaline magma (kind of).
Details, road??
Good comment, useful points, will remember for next time. Thanks.
Level 11
Aug 4, 2004
This skin looks pretty good, but it resembles a Night Elf too much, albiet a mutated one. Change the blue and purple to something else. Someone else suggested making it blander...that could look good on the face to contrast the armour.
Level 12
May 27, 2004
Mutant Grape monster :lol: , I couldn't help but laugh.

Thanks VSagatomi, I kind of knew that if I did call it a NElf then I would get
lots of stick, and it isn't one really... Thanks for the KUTGW, appreciated.

Hmmm a plastic action figure... get your point Juice-F. I'm not sure which one tho.
My inspiring factors were the protoss drawings by Samwise, Hellraiser, and my own (severely twisted) imagination. :twisted:

Halo - It's meant to be a demon, but use it for what you want... A mutated NElf, whatever... :p

LordFinarfin - Well I am not going to update it any time soon... but I take your point, I have a few ideas to change it, but I would prefer to save them for another skin rather than change this...

Level 3
Nov 2, 2004
It doesn't matter what it is called, you can't downrate it because it is meant to be a demon >_<

This skin loooks fucking AWESOME ingame, especially the hammer looks nice

a 5/5 from me and a vote for director's choice, you just need the related icon for it ;)

MfG JunJee