Arthas Paladin Mounted Re-Reforged

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Custom Arthas mounted model. Even if after Invincible Arthas disliked to travel on horseback, sometimes a mount was required to move across the Kingdom.

The model was developed by Tamplier777 for Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged and tweaked by me. It is based on Lord Garothios animation and Arthas original model. You are free to use it, but you are required to give credits to Tamplier777 for it (and it is very welcome if you link my project along with the credits).

The model is fully functional, both for gamplay and cinematic wise, and it is compatible with Arthas facial animations. It also uses Arthas textures, so editing the default game version of Arthas will change this model appearance too.
The model and animation edits are done using Reteras Model Studio.

  • Import the .mdx main file to your map using the Asset Manager at the path:
  • Import the .mdx portrait file to your map using the Asset Manager at the path:
  • Import the textures to your map using the Asset Manager at the paths:
  • Enjoy!


There is no icon provided, since default Arthas icon if appropriate for it.

Moonman for the horse textures.

Arthas Paladin Mounted Re-Reforged (Model)

Arthas Paladin Mounted Re-Reforged Portrait (Model)

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May 19, 2020
Great idea, there is an Arthas version mounted HD, but with Knight animations, I think it's a good alternative too, although I like LordG's horse.
I have some small considerations, which does not interfere with anything in the final quality and the great work: Unfortunately the armor on the right side of the chest was a little too stretched using the Garithos shape, in addition to not wearing a cape either, its absence compromises for Arthas a little. I think the cloths at the base of the horse could accompany the use of the TC, not turning white. The model lost the dust trail in the "Walk" animation!
I thought the idea of inserting the open Book in "Spell" was great, although the edits are still a little rigid.
It will be useful for many, congratulations!


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Why does Arthas had two hammers?
cuz it was hard to fix animtions, so in death animtion he drops native hammer, and in all other anims - new hammer that is attached to his hand.
MDL geoset anim aplha controls visibility and this is not rendered in hive viever