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Arthas Arena 2 v2.41 - TUE

Submitted by Clord
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
[color2]Fully support custom AI no need to go battle need to get good enemy. :) I Created AI too because some people like fill empty slots them and get good enemy.[/color]

[link='http://www.revolutionalarts.com'] PLEASE COME TO OFFICIAL ARTHAS ARENA 2 FORUM SECTION IN Revolutional Arts Website[/link]

You are welcome to talk new strategies, making suggestions etc.

- NEW FEATURE: Make your OWN custom hero.
- Air Battles.
- Sea Battles.
- Every player have own shipyard.
- 6 Races.
- Each race is little different experience. (You can fill orc burrow with peons in start etc...)
- 24 Tiers.
- Some tiers have two unit types.
- AI support.
- AI know how to tier.
- AI know how to build.
- AI buy items.
- AI build tower.
- AI Use heroes and learn new skills.
- AI retreat.
- Weapon Upgrade (50 times upgradeable).
- Armor Upgrade (50 times upgradeable).
- 11 racial upgrades like Burning Oil to Goblin's Missile Tower.
- Center own castle and that castle you can capture to help you.
- 37 items.
- Mercenarys.

This is Arthas Arena 2! :) More advanced and better than successful Arthas Arena. I recommend to support good work with comments etc. Community is also needed that effort to this map not go to waste.

About the map
Every player have three production buildings. You can maximum mix three of five available races. Also that limit your starting hero choice. When somebody leave no problem. Map randomize units and buildings with allies. Enemy getting air forces and not tier so much? Then counter it with Naga tier 2. So here is total 20 tiers (5 races and everyone have 4 tiers). Shipyard change own look and your sea forces too when you build eg 2 orc burrows.

Center Castle
Center castle is not normal Warcraft III castle. It have five Castle Towers what shoot separately to targets. When you capture center castle Arthas start reacting to players and Castle start produce knights to you.

AI Opponents
I suggest to test out full house and set all other AI(normal). Note that only expection when AI is selected to map is that sea forces are automatically removed. Sea forces are not in when AI have selected to map because AI don't use them right and try to attack even land with them when cannot. AI retreat, advance, buy items, buy air forces, upgrades, micromanage troops like melee etc.

- Added unlockable passives to many heroes.
- Troll Batrider cost and build time decreased.
- Destroyer lose mana slower.
- Anti-team killing trigger added.
- When unit is spawned first time, it no longer should cause noticeable lag.
- Some other changes.

- Changes to Custom Heroes.

- Few balance changes.

- Custom Hero system improved.
- Custom Heroes buffed.
- Added ultimates based to picked custom hero.
- Fixed bugs from custom hero system.

- Draenei Tier 2-4 buffed.
- Draenei Vindicator renamed to Draenei Ninja.
- Some other changes.

Arthas, Arena, Warcraft, Frozen, Throne Ultimate, Footman, Wars, Experience

Arthas Arena 2 v2.41 - TUE (Map)

  1. elazul015


    Jul 20, 2009
    yes a good map W/ AI!!!
    pls pm me 4 more AI maps any AI maps