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-=Context of this thread=-

I have been depressed for the past few days cause I wasn't drawing anof, until I had an idea, ask a friend of mine [email protected]), that also loves to draw and wants to draw for the rest of his life, to start a small competition that would happen each week. Each week, we will have to draw someting based on a theme and show it to our opponent. That way, we will get better in art in no time. :D


[email protected] and I will be in an art competition for the next weeks. Each weeks, we will have to draw something on paper based on a theme choosed by one of us. Both competitors will gain nothing except for an artwork that could be used in their portfolio. So basicly, we are doing this competition only to get better and to learn new stuff from our opponents.


The purpose of this sketch battle is to improve each other's skills through criticism. It is not a real contest for reps and such, but more for honour as an artist. Challenging oneself to better oneself.

-=The other hivers?=-

We invite you to give criticism, to help [email protected] and me to get better. If this project, works, we will let other members join the battle :D.

-=Rules of the competition=-

-Create a drawing that will take you more than 15 minutes to do but less than 2 hours.
-Each drawing must folow the theme chosen for the week.
-Only traditionnal art is aloud.
-You must have fun participating to this contest.
-You have to give your best shot each time.
-You have to give your comments, about the other opponents drawings. The purpose of this sketch battle, is to improve each other's skills through criticism.
-You must always be proud of yourself even tought you missed your drawing. (because, it's not everyday that drawing can be easy).


Each Week, there will be a theme. Each time will have to be drawn from diffrent ''angle'' to help the contestant to developpe each fields.

It's the week we are doing the competition basicly...

It's what we will have to draw.

by Observation = The contestant must draw something in real with his observation.

by Imagination = The contestant must draw something out of is mind.


Comepetition #1 = 19 - 26 of october. //// a Fruit //// by Observation.


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Just a question, you said you'd be doing different angles from week to week, and then the angle for the first week is Observation - does this mean you'll be doing a non-observational view on the second week? I am intrigued to see that, as I've never seen art that does not have an observational point of view.

Good luck chaps!